Women’s Guide To Shoes And Foot Health

People need to realize how much they depend on their feet. They average over 4,000 steps daily. That is more than two miles a day. A person’s feet handle the weight of their entire body with each step. It is common for feet to deserve more attention than they are getting. Health problems with feet can occur when people wear bad shoes for walking or running.

Basic Care

There are some daily activities a person can do to care for their feet.

-Use a nail clipper to trim toenails straight across. A nail file or emery board should then be used to smooth the corners. This will keep a nail from growing into any skin.

-Feet should be checked daily for infected toenails, cuts, swelling, and sores.

-Shoes should be rotated so the same pair is not worn every day.

-Feet need to be cleaned well in warm water. Soaking them too long could dry them out.

-Flats and flip-flops should be avoided. They do not provide sufficient arch support.

-Feet should be moisturized every day. This can be done with cream, petroleum jelly as well as a good moisturizer. Nothing should be put between the toes. Skin in this area needs to be dry to prevent infection.

-Tight-fitting shoes should not be worn. The shoes a person wears should never hurt their feet.

Sweaty Feet

It is not known why some individuals have sweaty feet. This is a condition known as hyperthyroidism. It’s believed this condition could be hereditary. When a woman experiences hormonal changes, stress, or certain medication, their body will sweat. This condition can make people slip in their shoes. Their feet will smell bad, and they are susceptible to infection because the constant wetness will break down their skin. People with hyperhidrosis should wash their feet with antibacterial soap daily. When they dry their feet, they should apply an antifungal powder, cornstarch, or foot powder to them. Moisture-wicking socks should be worn. Socks should be changed during the day. If this doesn’t work, it is time to see a podiatrist.

Foot Odor

When feet sweat and this is combined with bacteria in a person’s socks and shoes, it will result in foot odor. It is possible to control foot odor by following some tips. Soaking feet in strong black tea can eliminate foot odor. Two bags for each pint of water should be sufficient. This should be done 30 minutes each day for seven days. Soaking feet with a solution of two parts water per one part of vinegar will also work.

Good Shoes

A key to having good foot health is by purchasing a good pair of shoes. A person should be shopping for shoes that are an excellent fit, high quality, and healthy style.

Fit – It is essential to have good fitting shoes to avoid foot pain and many other problems. When purchasing shoes, a person should walk around wearing them to see how they feel when being used. Make certain there is sufficient room for toes and there is nothing pinching or rubbing the feet. Purchasing properly fitting shoes is also a good way to improve your quality of life.

High Quality – The better quality shoes are designed with a focus on comfort and foot health. It’s time to consider money spent on good quality shoes as an investment in long-lasting foot health. Higher quality shoes will last longer than cheaper brands. This makes it possible to save money in the long run.

Healthy Style – These are shoes that come with midsoles, rigid heel cups and provide excellent foot support. This will encourage a person’s entire body to be in proper alignment.

This is something easy to find with running shoes. The cute shoes that are potentially harmful should only be worn for a limited amount of time. If heels must be worn at work, it is important to wear walking or running shoes to or from work. Heels should be limited to a height of an inch and a half at the most. Keep these things in mind when you are buying women’s sneakers.

Shoe Inserts

Shoe inserts are designed to help with various foot problems. These are things like leg pain, flat arches as well as foot pain. Shoe inserts provide additional support. They help the ball of a foot, heel as well arch. It is possible to purchase them over-the-counter. Custom orthopedics are designed for your feet and can be prescribed by a podiatrist. There are many different types of inserts available from stores. Trying to determine the right one can be a challenge. A person needs to determine if they need additional arch support or extra padding, and more.

Preventing Foot Pain

There are some general suggestions on how to avoid foot pain.

-Wear the right shoes for the activity

-Lose weight if necessary

-Avoid wearing high heels daily

-When exercising, take time to properly warm-up and cool down

-Replace all shoes that have too much wear on the soles or heels

When people have problems with their feet, it can be very frustrating. Having feet that are constantly painful, tired, and achy can be a challenge with daily living. It is possible to maintain good foot health by properly caring for them and wearing good quality shoes.