Windows 10 or Windows 11; Which one is better?

Windows 11 beta version, released by Microsoft on June 24 2021 is a successor to Windows 10. It is all set to hit the market by the end of this year. Windows 11 is expected to catch more attention than its predecessor for its advanced and user-friendly features.


The all-new version of Windows OS will launch in the market in late November this year. This version has lots of user-friendly features with search options. easy navigation and a whole new collection of themes.

With this new version of Windows OS, Microsoft is giving its old operating system a facelift and trying to make it relevant to a post-pandemic world where we communicate and work differently.

One will have Microsoft video chat service teams and for the first time, one will be able to use some Android apps previously available on phones and tablets.

The start menu will no longer be available at the bottom left of your Pc desktop. The start menu is placed at the bottom middle

and it will allow you to see pinned apps as well as some recommended apps based on what you have used before.

Windows 11 have some new productivity shortcuts. If you have multiple windows going at once you can hover over any of the windows for revealing different options for organizing your screen.

However, it will be absolutely hypothetical to say that it will be faster or more impressive than Windows 10.

Here we will discuss the significant differences between Windows 10 and 11, which will be helpful to users to draw closer conclusions.


The most notable change for this new version of windows is the centralized taskbar, which looks similar to the macOS layout. It looks much cleaner than its Windows 10 counterpart 

Which takes half of the space of the desktop with a large search bar added in the middle.

When you click the start menu on Windows 10, you can see all the lists of programs installed on your PC. You get a view of live tiles along with a detail of the weather, your photo album, and various Microsoft apps.

This new version of Windows has a search menu displaying pinned apps along with a search bar that lets you locate your less-used programs.

There is also a section showing your recent activity so that you can jump back to your last used word document, spreadsheet, or photoshop project.

This will offer you a more personalized experience, you can also align the taskbar to the left of your screen if you prefer the old layout more.


Though Windows 10 enables you to view multiple windows simultaneously, it involves drag and drops and it can look scruffy and has scope for things to go wrong.

This new version of windows OS introduces snap layouts, which makes it much easier to keep open multiple windows at once.

You can easily pick from one of the different templates and your chosen windows and apps will snap automatically into place and resize accordingly.

Microsoft already displayed this feature with Edge, Teams, and Powerpoint, simultaneously and looked effortlessly slick.


Microsoft messaging apps team was launched in 2017,2 years after the launch of Windows 10. It was an optional app.

But for this updated version of Windows Teams will play a much bigger role. The chat functionality is available in the main taskbar, making it easy for you to send messages to a colleague and friend.

You can also start a video call through this service, helping you to contact those on Android and iOS platforms.

You can still communicate with your friend through two-way SMS if your friend doesn’t have Teams installed.


For this new version of Windows, Microsoft is rebuilding the Microsoft store from the ground, introducing a more organized and cleaner layout. The major change here is that the Microsoft store will support Android apps via Amazon’s app store. This time you will gain access to a much larger app library,

though the Android apps will be displayed in a phone-like vertical display that is not optimized for computer monitors.

Microsoft will also introduce more native apps to the Microsoft store like visual studio, Disney+, Adobe creative cloud, zoom, and  Canva.


There is no doubt that for gaming Windows 11 is a better operating system than Windows 10.

The former will borrow a few Xbox series X features for improving the visual quality of games such as Auto HDR which adds HDR enhancement to games built on Direct X 11 or higher automatically. Microsoft showed Skyrim as an example.

The direct storage will allow those with a high-performance NVMe SSD to see faster loading times. Games will load assets to the graphics card without bogging down the CPU.

It will also support DirectX 12 Ultimate, offering you the best possible gaming performance when paired with high-end components. You will surely install this window if you are a PC gamer.

This OS is the advanced replacement for business, personal, and gaming use. Since it is an upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft alleviates the limitations of Windows in this version.

As of today, the price of Windows 10 on the official website of Microsoft is Rs.10,379 approx for Windows 10 home, Rs.16,515 approx for Windows 1o Pro, and Rs.22,799 approx for Windows 10 for workstations.

Windows 11 price in India will be approximately near the current price of Windows 10, if not more. It would definitely encourage the users to download the latest Windows operating system.

Though this new version of Windows will be free to upgrade on a genuine Windows 10 Laptop and Computer.