Why you need to travel with a mobile VPN app

Many of us would love to travel overseas to discover new places, meet new people and overcome new challenges. However, the current situation is pretty bad due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, let’s do some pre-preparation while the world is recovering from the pandemic. Which country are you going to visit when the broadway reopen? Some of us may be researching travel information or itinerary through a travel blog whereas some may already have a plan in mind. Regardless of the places you going to visit, I am sure the first key thing that came into your mind is the Internet.

Yes, we do agree that getting connected online is important because we like to share our life happening on social media. On the other hand, of course, we want to get in touch with our family and friends at all-time. Therefore, we always are hunting for free Public WIFI connections whenever we go such as restaurants, café, or even retail shopping malls. This is a critical matter because there are many vulnerabilities behind a public WIFI network connection. Likewise, this affects your online privacy and somehow your personal information might leak to unauthorized third-parties’ companies. In short, you might be the next target victim in cyberattacks.

The easiest solution to resolve this incident from happening is to install a VPN to your mobile device. A simple free VPN is good enough to give you a minimum privacy protection and to prevent you from cyberattacks, especially when you are in overseas. Virtual Private Network does have several functions to enhance your mobile device security. The main purpose is to hide your IP address location as well as all your online activities through the VPN encryption tunnel.

Resolve Internet Censorships

Have you ever encountered a situation where certain websites or social media apps couldn’t open during your overseas trip? This is because due to the geographical restriction as the content has restricted by the country’s government. By connecting your device to a VPN, it allows your device to bypass the geographical restriction and enable you to get in touch with those restricted content. This help to resolve the internet censorship issue in a split second.

Secure Online Transaction

Are you worried about dealing with online transactions during your overseas trip? Yes, it is common to have that feeling because we are unfamiliar with the country law and security. In fact, it is even more dangerous if you are connected to a public WIFI network. Therefore, VPN steps in to give you an extra layer of protection to ensure you are 100% safe when dealing with any online transaction. To conclude, if you have a freemium or paid VPN client installed on your mobile devices, it will give you a fully secure online protection and ensure you to have a safe and exciting holiday.