Why Writing Is Important In Life

Writing is a fundamental approach of expression, the ability to represent yourself using written words. It provides you the opportunity to deliver your wisdom in a meaningful way and helping in finding the path to true success.

Writing expresses the emotions, thinking, and enables you to constitute your thoughts. In today’s electronic world where verbal communication is getting less frequent, writing allows you to convey your ideas impressively, effectively, and compellingly.

The two significant aspects of writing, which can play a pivotal role in life, are personal and business. Let’s have a review about these two in detail:


Writing expresses who you are as a person. This particular aspect can be further understood under below headings:

1. To express your emotions

The capability of sharing your feelings and emotions in words is very crucial to express yourself. It helps to build bridges with other people, whether they are strangers or people becoming your friends or relatives with bonds of love. You can share your hidden emotions navigating the world with your family, friends, or loved ones.

The best practice for this approach would be that; you have to sit down and begin writing anything and everything that comes to your mind. You need to let your mind free and express all your sentiments and affections in words. That will give you the opportunity to explicit the concerns and despairs you have deep inside yourself.

2. To bring out creative thinking

Many people think that creative writing is impractical because this needs imagining ideas, characters, places, and situations. In actual, it can be beneficial to anyone writing creative ideas of real-life and practicing their imaginations. It encourages you to exercise your creative mind and improve your capability to turn up with alternatives.

Creative writing will help you to recognize your energy on the other things and to find new solutions to the problems of your life. Whether you are a student or a professional, it will provide you the tool of imagination which you need to think more innovatively and out of the box. This broadens your thought process, which grants you success in various phases of your life.

3. It enhances your mental toughness

Writing allows you to analyze your thoughts and intellectual to enhance your mental toughness. This positive effect of mental toughness helps you to develop yourself when nobody believes in you. When writing creatively, you are getting involved in an exercise that will assist in establishing your perspective.

The mental toughness is reinforced when you write about various topics, perspective, ideas, concepts, and philosophies. This will allow you to get more self-assured and self-reliant for combating any challenging situation of your life. Writing about your problems and obstacles gives you a golden opportunity to come to a solution which you were unable to figure out before.

4. Writing for Discussing

Writing can be used to discuss various topics, affairs, issues, and arguments. In such writing, the steps are as follow: you can take a position on an issue. Begin by taking a side, probing your topic, and creating an outline. Then approach into the introduction, heading towards analysis. You need to create a connected argument in between your writing. Finally, ending with an overall conclusion along with your point of view.

A particular topic surrounds this approach in writing, generally, one which is dubious and arguable. When you have a specific viewpoint in your life about a certain thing, writing about that topic helps to understand that thing from various sources and perspectives.


This is another significant aspect reflecting the importance of writing in life. Let’s break it down further for better understanding:

1. Significance of writing at the workplace

If you are working in a company, you need to possess some necessary skills and techniques, in which “writing” has essential importance. If you are sending an email to your client or manager which has numerous typos, weakly constructed sentences, and grammatical errors, it will be useless.

Such mistakes can hint that to your customer or boss, that you take a similar attitude towards your work also. Therefore, excellent writing skills can improve your perception related to your work mindset.

In the modern corporate world, professionals in every industry need to have excellent writing skills. You will be corresponding via email, compiling reports, and writing memos for your company; all these tasks require comprehensive and coherent writing helping you to achieve your goals.

2. A key aspect for businesses

The global approach of running a business has emphasized on the importance of communication skills. Regardless of field and kind of business, you need to be an effective writing communicator, if you are an entrepreneur or self-employed person. The list of benefits of writing in businesses is quite long.

It includes emails, annual reports, brochures, presentations, sales material, social media campaigns, and other business-related documents.

It is also essential whether you are connecting internally with your employees and staff or externally to other companies and clients. The way you write can have a significant influence on the progression of your business within and outside your organization.

3. Self-awareness & development

The importance of writing for self-awareness and development is remarkable. Whether you are a competent writer or just an emerging one, you can be benefitted from this approach of self-aware by writing. Being self-conscious enhances the mind-body relation, and you push yourself for hard work to become successful. It helps you in recognizing the concept that, the price of success is hard work.

Self-awareness leads to development, which brings transformation and positive changes in your life. In the writing world, self-awareness is the primary ingredient of becoming a serene and contented writer. It benefits you to change your perspective and taking actions to develop and establish yourself, thus living life with pleasing experiences.


Writing provides you with an approach to one of the most powerful ways of communication. As discussed above, its value lies in both personal and professional aspects of your life. It is vital as it gives you an accurate impression of yourself, which makes your life more content and pleasing.