Why the GTML™ is one of the Top Talent Management Certification Programs

For many years, HR has been perceived strictly as an administrative function. It is the team dealing with leave approvals, interviews and offer letters, appraisals, and salary payments.

In recent years, though, talent has been recognized as possibly the most valuable resource of an organization, and possibly the best source of competitive advantage. This has led to the role of HR professionals taking on a strategic dimension, beyond mere administrative purposes. This comes from the fact that a well-drafted and executed talent management strategy must sync with the goals of the organization, so that the people hired at the company are the right kind to contribute toward attaining its vision.

This is why it is not uncommon to see HR leaders engaging closely with other members of top management. They now work together on planning a future roadmap and strategizing on how to develop the most important organizational policies.

Given that global hiring by the HR function is projected to grow at 10.35% annually, it becomes important to stand out among the numerous candidates for coveted HR positions. This is where talent management certification programs become especially important. They credibly attest to the qualifications of candidates and their comprehension of the most current skills and know-how in the field.

For an HR or talent management professional at the midway stage of his or her career, a great certification program to opt for is the Global Talent Management Leader (GTML™) certification, considered among the most prestigious certifications in the world that could help in accelerated progress up the HR and talent management career ladder. A candidate holding GTML™ is undoubtedly ready to take on high-profile, highly challenging HR assignments and leadership roles at an international level.

GTML™ is based on learning materials from the following global leaders in the field:

Talent Management Institute (TMI): The leading international institution in the field of talent management, TMI offers credentials and knowledge that are spearheading an overhaul of how human capital is leveraged to create long-term success for organizations.

• The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania: In partnership with TMI, the School leverages the leadership and talent management expertise of its faculty members to facilitate a wider set of insights, perspectives, and skills for the modern dynamic business landscape.

GTML™ stands out from among top talent management certification programs due to the following reasons:

• Top-quality learning material: covering all that a talent management professional must know

• Sharp focus: Shows precisely how talent can be developed and leveraged across the organization to drive the achievement of excellent business results

• Qualification for higher credentials: Direct qualification to GTML™ holders for the TMI-Wharton Associate Fellow Program in Talent Management, a highly-selective program

The GTML™ program covers three stages. These include courses from Wharton Online combined with learning material on how to drive business through excellent talent management. Candidates are grounded in frameworks, tools, and techniques they can deploy in the course of their accelerated path toward roles as HR leaders, leading the HR or talent management function at their organizations. They are well-equipped to acquire talent that is suitably diverse in terms of culture and geography and use it to boost business competitiveness over the long term.

The following components make up the GTML™ program:

• Robust concepts for HR professionals on interpreting and using talent management across the HR domain, with the flagship text ‘Talent Management: The TMI Handbook for Practitioners’

• An understanding of complex business environments through three Wharton Online courses: ‘Global Trends for Business and Society’, ‘Managing Social and Human Capital’, and ‘People Analytics’

• Studying two texts – ‘#Talentastic!’ and ‘Talent & The Future of Work’ – offering a wider perspective and vision about work, the workforce, and workplaces in the 21st century

Among the biggest plus points of GTML™ as a talent management certification program is how it serves as the first step toward becoming a TMI-Wharton Fellow of talent management. This includes a chance to attend an on-site residential Wharton Masterclass conducted by Wharton professors at the Philadelphia campus of the School. The Alumni Privileges program exempts candidates from the requirement for verifying their candidacy and puts them straight through to consideration for final admission. HR professionals holding the GTML™ credential also pay a lower fee for the Associate Fellow Program, the details of which will be reflected on my TMI dashboard of the candidate.

Getting the GTML™ certification is a seven-step process. An HR professional applying for GTML™ must first confirm he or she satisfies the eligibility requirements. The candidate then needs to create my TMI account through which he or she can complete the application and submit the fees. Successful validation of the application is followed by the shipment of the GTML™ Resource Box – containing the learning material – and the emailing of Wharton Online login details. A candidate has 180 days from payment to self-paced preparation with the material received and accessed to finally taking the GTML™ exam, after booking a slot. Once the candidate passes the exam and meets all other conditions of the TMI Professional Certifications Board, he or she immediately is issued the GTML™ Digital Badge, with the physical credential arriving within three to four weeks.