Why Confectionery Industry is Evergreen in Market

The prime minister of our country, Mr. Narendra Modi in his recent monologue to the nation highlighted the importance of local brands and business. He stated that at the difficult time of COVID-19, it was only the local business and markets who fulfilled our needs. Mr. Modi with his speech underlined the power of local brands and markets.

One of the many reasons why local products and brands should be honoured is because they understand the Indian roots. The potential of harnessing the Indian knowledge lies best with the local brands. Khadi is one of such brands. Khadi is not just another clothing brand  for India. It is much more than that. Khadi represents the rich heritage of  India. It is the golden fabric, the most powerful weapon our fighters have used against foreigners. Khadi represented Indian clothing. We all know that clothes represent the ideas of a person. Therefore, clothing is a powerful mechanism. Khadi has also provided employment to a large number of people in rural and semi-urban areas of the country.

The biggest beauty of homegrown brands is, it represents and values people of the nation that are left unseen and unheard. People find it hard enough to give employment to a large group. However, homegrown brands not only give employment to these kinds of people but also improve their skill sets. One of such homegrown FMCG brands is Mahak. Mahak has seen the shift between the golden age era to the modern age era through our toffees, jellies, lollipops and candies.

Most of us will remember the nostalgic nariyal mithai that we used to get for 1 rupee. Mahak Kandiez has revived that love in Milk-n-Nut Nariyal mithai candy. The joy of eating this candy is beautifully penned in its tag line which says “toffee nahi mithai hai”. The gratification of eating this toffee is everlasting. This is not just a toffee, it’s a complete gesture of love, gratification, and nostalgia in it.

Mint ChocOn is a new age romantic toffee which has a perfect blast of chocolate and mint. The unwrapped blissful chocolate and refreshing mint covering makes it so alluring to all the young people in the nation. The tagline of this toffee is as catchy and refreshing as the toffee itself is. It is “Mint nahi hint hai”

Not only this but Mahak is also one of the pioneers of Jellies in the whole country. Children love to eat Jelly belly because of its perfect texture and mouth-watering taste. It has the best fruity jelly. Apart from these Mahak has P-Nutz Candy, and a whole range of lollipops.  

Mahak has bound India together with their array of products from the past 25 years. They have deeply understood the needs and demands of their customers. This has helped our country in developing market strategies through which the brand could connect with the whole nation. Mahak believes in delivering premium quality products to their customers for all the age groups.

Over the period people have shifted from hard candies to soft candies for the simple reason that soft candies are easy chewable. Hence they don’t have to put so much pressure while eating candy. Furthermore, young parents find it difficult to give pop up or hard toffees to their kids because the chances of swallowing the toffees are higher.
Also, they prefer to give the same brand toffees they themselves have eaten because of the guaranteed  quality and taste. Likewise one chooses the best toffee brand in India for kids birthday party or any part celebration.

Having said all of that we should not only choose the best local toffee brands for our kids but also promote their business. There is no doubt that our economy will be suffering from this pandemic. But what we can do is to support our local brands and give them voice so that they can represent themselves on a global level. And we should not forget that it is only because of these local brands that we survived this lockdown smoothly.

So, let’s choose and support all the local brands and businesses. Not only will the “Vocal for Local” initiative strengthen our economy but will also give employment opportunities to so many people of the nation.