Why BA in Legal Studies is an ideal programme to pursue?

Law has emerged to state critical decisions in the past, leading to an exciting subject to study. For anyone interested to establish a career in law, the three-year B.A. in Legal Studies can act as the foundation steps on the right path.

B.A. (Hons.) in Legal Studies is a three-year programme designed to prepare law aspirants to decide the best-suited career in the area of law. BA in Legal Studies is considered as the standard art degree majoring in Legal Studies. Students are exposed to the legal system before pursuing LLB programmes. Paralegals, legal assistants, policy professionals, law librarians, social workers, etc., are some of the career options available right after graduating from BA (Legal Studies).

Benefits of Pursuing BA (Legal Studies)

Pursuing a BA in LS has several benefits. Although the course is common among US universities, India has been emerging with the job roles offered to Legal Studies graduates. One can enter into the law profession without studying the traditional LLB course. The fee structure of a typical BA (Legal Studies) is half of the LLB course fee.

Class 12th pass-outs who are curious about the law are not yet sure to become a professional lawyer can pursue BA (Legal Studies). BA in LS can be beneficial to get jobs in the human rights organisation under the legal as well as non-legal roles. Therefore, the knowledge of law imparted via the course is valuable even if one doesn’t aspire to become a lawyer.

Benefit #1 – Enhances Legal Academic Path at the Graduate Level

Typically, becoming a lawyer in India can be done via any of the following routes

1st Option – Pursuing bachelor’s degree irrespective of the discipline followed by LLB degree (Total duration of both the degree programmes is six years)

2nd Option – Pursuing a 5-year integrated law degree programming which awards two degrees, including a bachelor’s degree and an LLB degree.

Instead of considering the first option with any random graduate discipline, one can go for a BA (Legal Studies) followed by an LLB degree to get an edge over other students. The curriculum for BA in LS is designed to facilitate the pre-legal and paralegal market.

Benefit #2 – Job Options Apart from Becoming a Lawyer

One will not be able to practice law after completion of the BA in LS. However, the legal world is not yet closed for the graduates. Some of the highly demanded job options after completion of the course can include.

– Paralegals
– Legal Assistants
– Law Enforcement Officers
– Policy Professionals
– Law Librarian
– Social Worker, etc.

Lately, the demand for industry-experienced legal professionals has been growing in India. The B.A. (Hons.) in Legal Studies can be wise decisions to secure the future. Candidates completing the BA (Legal Studies) will be eligible to take legal roles with corporate companies, NGO’s, media houses, public policy organisations, and more. Additionally, one can choose to pursue further studies in law or any other discipline if the law doesn’t go well.