Doing a bathroom renovation can make a huge difference in sprucing up your home. In addition to that, it is a worthy investment because in so doing, you are increasing your home’s value.

Whether you want to renovate fully or make small upgrades,  plan a bathroom renovation using these fantastic ideas.

Use small textured-tiles for your shower floor.

When it comes to flooring your bathroom, it is vital to make due consideration to the texture tiles you choose. Small textured tiles are more firm in preventing you from slipping in the shower because of soapy water.

In addition to that, ensure the tile grouts are easy to clean, stain and mould resistant as bathrooms are prone to dampness. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are suitable. Remember to add a touch of style by blending different patterns and colours while creating a unified look.

Include a shower window

Bathrooms trap in a lot of humidity due to lack of proper ventilation. If your bathroom does not have a shower window or has a small one, consider fixing one during the renovation to improve air ventilation.

Even though having an air fan can work, natural ventilation is the best in letting in light to brighten your bathroom. Consider fixing it at a top position slanting the sill downwards to prevent it from trapping water and also use frosted glass for privacy. You will end up with a clean, bright, fresh and mould-free bathroom.

Utilize cabinets

Bathrooms have little spaces and cabinets come in handy for storing towels, toiletries and medicines. Install a recessed medicine cabinet that is lockable above the vanity, then do the final framing and finish them up with a touch of paint to provide a sleek and modern look.

Improve the light fixtures

The bathroom provides a relaxation mood with dim lights rather than the bright artificial lighting. If you are the kind of person that enjoys a tub bath for relaxation, installing the right lights will work to your advantage.

Add dimmers for the main lights and improve on the light fixtures around the mirror to give you the best lighting when doing makeup, hair, shaving etc.

Utilize mirrors

According to interior decor experts, mirrors are versatile. They make a room appear bigger while adding a point of decoration. Adding some mirrors to your empty bathroom wall will make the small space look bigger while complementing the light fixtures.

If you have a small bathroom space, reconsider the tub.

A big bathroom looks appealing with a bathtub, but for a small space, it makes the bathroom smaller and oversaturated. Even though it is a good thing to have if you rarely use it, consider removing it and improve on the luxurious shower.

Consider 2-inch plumbing drain pipes.

Most of the bathrooms have 1.5inch drain pipes. If the drain you have several family members or children using the same bathroom, it is prone to clogging quickly. While a 2inch drain pipe, costs the same, it is more suitable in terms of draining water.

It is a small upgrade that will improve the functionality of your bathroom.

Wallpaper for the bathroom

If there’s a blank wall in your bathroom, consider adding a beautiful wallpaper. It enhances the mood and aesthetic appeal of the bathroom.

Final words

The above-enlisted ideas will come in handy when its time to renovate your bathroom. It’s best if you focused on improving its functionality, efficiency and style.