What Your Body Language Says About Your Confidence

When it comes to success – confidence is key. But confidence isn’t just an emotion we feel; it’s something that we project. Everything from the way you roll your shoulders to how you stand says a lot about how confident you really are. There are even some studies that suggest that taking a confident pose can change your testosterone and cortisol levels (leading you to feel more confident!)


Hold your head up high is a saying for a reason! While it can sometimes be used to mean ‘persevere through hard times’, it’s also used to communicate ‘be confident’.

When you hold your head up high, you tell the world that you are confident, happy, and strong. You face things head-on and are sure that you will get the outcome you desire.


Believe it or not, your shoulders say a lot about you. How you hold your shoulders can communicate joy, happiness, reverence, and respect – or the opposite. If you’re feeling confident, your shoulders are rolled ‘back’ so that they are straight.

This helps to communicate with those around you that you are happy, respectful, and – well – confident!


Keeping your back straight is crucial to communicating confidence. A straight back helps you keep your shoulders rolled properly, and can help you hold your head up high, too. But it also says that you’ve got a spine. You know what you want and how to get it.

Taking the time to practice keeping your back straight also shows that you take pride in your personal appearance and says you are professional and proficient.


A lot of “power poses” involve your feet. This is because keeping your feet apart shows your confidence and can even alter your brain chemistry to help you be successful. There are several different “power poses”, but the most common involves keeping your feet even with your shoulders (about 6 inches apart) or doing the ‘Wonder Woman’ pose.

Even small things like making eye contact and not fidgeting can really let your confidence shine through.
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It’s not uncommon to practice proper posture and stances when gearing up for a big presentation, interview, or even wedding!
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Whether you’re naturally confident or seeking ways to project confidence, a little extra practice never hurts. There are even groups that you can join that help to teach confident body language.

Few things build confidence like competence does. Make sure that you have the skills you need by seeking out professional training and certifications, such as facility management training.