What to do in the event of water damage?

Your washing machine is leaking or a water hose has been blown so your floor has water damage. What insurance can you call on?

What insurance covers water damage?

Water Damage is covered in your home insurance . The fire insurance covers several risks (damage caused by a storm, a fire, an explosion …) and accidental damage due to water to the house and to the contents (if you have also insured your contents in the fire insurance ). Water Damage Las Vegas is one of the basic coverage of fire insurance.

In fire insurance, a distinction is made between water damage and flooding. Water damage caused by a leak in the pipes or water infiltration is covered by the water damage guarantee. Damage caused by flooding is covered by the natural disasters guarantee.

What does the water damage guarantee cover?

When you have suffered water damage, the water damage guarantee applies in the following cases:

  • damage caused by problems with the pipes

  • damage caused by a leak

  • damage caused by water infiltration through the roof

  • damage caused by water from your sanitary facilities or electrical appliances

Just think of a leaking washing machine or a burst water line causing water damage to your floor. Here are the items that are covered by the water damage guarantee.

In principle, the insurer will pay only the consequential damages, such as your wooden floors which are damaged, the wall which must be repainted… For the repair of a pipe which burst, you will generally have to pay it yourself.

What does the water damage guarantee not cover?

The water damage guarantee does not cover a number of things . For example, it does not intervene in the following cases:

  • damage due to lack of maintenance or care

  • damage to devices or pipes that caused the accident

  • damage to roofs along which water has seeped

There are many cases where the water damage guarantee does not apply. Do not hesitate to seek advice from your insurer or insurance broker.

What should I do if I have water damage?

Even when you take sufficient precautions, water damage can occur. If so, you can follow the steps below for a correct compensation claim :

Take photos of the damage as evidence

Complete the report for water damage or a detailed report of the situation.  complete the declaration form with the third party if a third party is involved. Send the claim to your fire insurance company, photos and invoices for any repairs. Never have repairs done before having the agreement of your insurer. The plugging of the leak is of course allowed, the demolition and the replacement of your floor can on the other hand pose a problem if the insurance is not convinced of the damage.

Identify the waterproofing problems of a facade

A waterproofing problem is relatively easy to detect at the level of the facade of a building since visible traces generally appear very quickly. Here are the different identifiable signs:

  • the cracks ;

  • walls damp to the touch;

  • white spots, brown spots, greenish spots and other dark spots are signs of mold growth;

  • crumbling of facade paint, etc.

Water damage and infiltration: insurance

In condominiums, water damage and infiltration on the facade can notably come from the roof. Following heavy precipitation or the displacement of a tile, the protective performance of the building roof may be reduced. Without intervention from a building professional, the source of the problem can only become greater.  Thus, it is important to contact the insurance of the condominium as soon as possible since some water damage and infiltration on the facade are covered by the insurer of the building. If the source of the damage comes from a common part, the co-ownership manager must contact the co-ownership insurer as soon as possible. If the source of the damage comes from a private part, the co-owner concerned must contact his personal insurer. In such a situation, it is still advisable for the co-ownership trustee to also contact the insurer of the building. In fact, depending on the contract chosen, the damages covered are not always the same.

Water damage guarantee

Each co-owner is required to take out water damage insurance. In the context of rented accommodation, it is in most cases up to the tenant to take out their own home insurance. For the co-ownership, the trustee is mandated by the co-owners to take care of taking out all the necessary insurance to best protect the building and its inhabitants. Any building insurance protects against the financial consequences of damage and disasters :

the insured;

but also third parties;

neighbors ;



co-owners, etc.