What makes Office Ally’s Practice Mate the Best Free PM

What is a Practice Management Software?

Operating a medical practice comprises much more than just providing care to patients. Practitioners have to organize appointments, update patient information, and process bills, among other tasks. A Practice Management (PM) acts as the knight in shining armor by efficiently managing a facility’s day-to-day operations.


Investing in a practice management system can be a costly affair, particularly for sole practitioners and small facilities. Hence, we provide you with the top reasons why Office Ally Practice Mate is the best PM in the industry that is entirely free of cost.

Practice Mate by Office Ally – Company Introduction

Ever since the company was formed in 2000, Office Ally has provided user-friendly solutions to its clients and developed strong relationships with them. With a presence in every state of the US, Office Ally offers Clearinghouse, Practice Mate, Patient Ally, and EHR 24/7 to medical professionals of all sizes.


Office Ally Practice Mate is the software provider’s free practice management tool that includes scheduling, electronic bills, claim processing, and much more.

Why is Practice Mate the Best Free PM?

While the industry is bombarded with expensive medical softwares, Practice Mate stands out from the crowd because of its advanced solutions that are available completely free of cost. Don’t believe us yet? Keep on reading ahead.

1.     Cloud-Based

Office Ally Practice Mate is hosted on the cloud and can be accessed from their website – no installations required. Since the system is cloud-based, users can access it from any location and at any time suitable to them. All that is needed is an active internet connection. There is no need to invest in expensive hardware as the PM can be operated with any device that connects to the internet.


The cloud-based system is not only convenient but will also result in stronger ties with patients since practitioners can spend more time providing care. The PM software is compliant with remote working, which is a crucial feature required for operating during Covid-19.

2.     Appointment Scheduling

If appointments are not properly managed, then it can be frustrating for both patients and practitioners alike. Practice Mate allows its users to schedule appointments quickly and easily. All meetings are displayed on a calendar with color-coded timeslots for a streamlined organization. Clients can use this scheduler tool to send automatic reminders to patients before their appointments commence. This will lower occurrences of no-shows and latecomers.


The system can also be integrated with Patient Ally, Office Ally’s patient portal. Through this, patients can request for appointments and reschedule them if needed.

3.     Automated Billing and Claim Management Tools

To manage a practice’s financial function, Practice Mate offers automated billing and claim management tools. Invoices are generated after appointments are confirmed. Not only will this ensure accurate information, but it will also save time for users that can further be spent in strengthening relationships with patients.


The system enables its clients to create claims. The claim submission service, like other features, is completely free of cost. Users can send claims to up to 5,000 insurance companies without spending a penny.

4.     Patient Records

Office Ally Practice Mate allows its clients to build individual profiles of their patients, which are updated in real-time. Documents and images can be uploaded that are saved to the respective patient’s file. The PM software is HIPAA compliant. This means that all information documented and uploaded is encrypted to protect a facility from security breaches. The advanced search bar allows users to quickly access data without having to click unnecessarily.

5.     Easy to use and operate

No doctor wants to operate a medical software that is difficult to use – even if it’s free. Fortunately, Practice Mate is easy to learn and is user-friendly. A free setup is provided to give clients a headstart, and training is offered so that users can make the most out of the software. Free customer support is available 24/7 so that queries are dealt with in a timely manner. Lastly, there is no need to sign a contract. A facility may use this system in conjunction with another practice management software.

In a Nutshell…

We believe that you should invest your time in Office Ally Practice Mate not only because it is free but because it offers a pool of advanced tools. Practice Mate is the best free PM in the market because it is cloud-based, includes an efficient appointment scheduler, offers automated billing tools, uploads and updates patient profiles, and is easy to use. Before you decide to operate the system, we suggest opting for the free demo for a reinforced understanding of the PM’s features.