What makes Kareo EMR Software different from others?

There are a number of EHR software available in the market competing with each other by bringing new and improved features on a daily basis to its customers. The EHR software is evolving fast alongside technology, vendors have started focusing on better connectivity and interoperability and have started to improve that in their EHR software offerings. 

The more variety, the harder it gets to choose amongst them. Users face a lot of hassle if they choose EHR software that does not suit their practices’ needs. It becomes worse than them not using EHR at all. So making the right decision for the right EHR software is crucial. 

In order to help you with your decision-making process and to make it easier, Find EMR have shortlisted a number of reasons why everyone should consider Kareo EMR Software as it could be the right EHR for your practice. Kareo EHR software is Electronic Health Records Software that has been servicing the industry for a long time. It has a number of outstanding features that everyone should look into while choosing EHR software for their practice. 

Kareo EHR Software

Kareo EHR software is Electronic Health Records Software. It has been designed to cater to a number of specialties. The software has been catering to a large network of users which keeps on growing. The software offers a wide range of outstanding features providing its users with better connectivity, interoperability, better efficiency, and improved profitability. Kareo EHR Software comes in both options; it can be deployed as a cloud-based EHR software and also on-premise on a fixed system. The solution is famous for its intuitive interface and ease of use. 

Here are some of the highlighting features that set Kareo EHR software apart from its competition. 

Kareo EHR Software Features

Agenda Overview

Kareo EHR software offers its users tools to overview their daily agenda, this helps them in making a schedule for themselves and all of the staff, it provides complete transparency on who has to do what and what is the deadline. This helps users keep their staff motivated and also keep them and their productivity in check. The Agenda Overview helps users in improving their practices’ overall efficiency as everyone has a clear understanding regarding their duties and daily tasks. 

Appointment Scheduling

The software not only lets you design your own schedule for yourself and your staff it also helps in managing patient appointments. Appointment scheduling is a common task for all types of specialties and is a very time-consuming and hectic task. Sending patients reminders for their appointments, booking new appointments, canceling appointments, and also rescheduling appointments becomes such time-consuming and difficult.

However, Kareo EHR Software offers a complete solution for this with its Appointment Scheduler. The software helps in completing all the tasks mentioned above. It also automates the reminder sending and rescheduling so users do not have to worry about it. The software helps in scheduling appointments better and also adjusting new appointments with canceled or postponed ones. This helps in reducing no-shows significantly, improving capacity and profitability. 

Medical Billing

Kareo EHR software offers a complete solution for medical billing management, revenue cycle management, and much more. The software is compliant with ICD coding; hence the practitioners do not have to memorize any codes, and the medical bill generation is done with a single click. Medical bills are generated fast and easily. This helps in saving time for patients as well as the practice. 

The software’s RCM module helps users in keeping track of their money, inflows, and outflows. RCM system helps users in budgeting better, divesting things that are less fruitful and requiring more money. The RCM helps in managing funds and budgets and also helps users in improving the payment collections and managing revenue.

Patient Portal

The software not only cares for its customers but also for customers of customers. The software offers patients the convenience of a patient portal that helps them in staying in touch with their doctors at all times. The patient portal helps users stay connected with their patients at all times that too remotely. The portal provides a platform for both parties to share medical documents, images, prescriptions, and much more. The portal also provides a platform for them to chat easily. This has helped greatly during the time of the pandemic where social distancing had to be practiced. 

Comprehensive Dashboard

The software also offers a comprehensive real-time dashboard that helps users during their diagnosis. The dashboard displays all the important information such as patient vitals and monitoring numbers so that the diagnosis is more accurate. This also helps in saving time for users as they do not have to switch multiple tabs while diagnosing. 

These are some of the highlighting features that set Kareo EHR software apart from its competition. To seek more information, visit Find EMR