What is a Wellness Spa?

Wellness is a new word in the spa business. This is the most compelling argument against treating the spa as a mere luxury, pampering that can be cut from the family budget. Wellness means that you are living in a state of optimal health, well-being, and vitality and that you are investing money, time, and energy in helping you achieve that. This includes a good diet, exercise, and treatments such as massage and bodywork to help you function at your best. Wellness makes our life richer and more enjoyable.

Incorporating a spa into your wellness plan

A quality wellness spa or personalized doctor can be part of our wellness plan. We could massage once or twice a month to keep our muscles flexible, visit a personal trainer at the gym, take a walk, or find yoga classes.

Many spas have “wellness” in their name or call themselves a wellness center. But if you want to stay at the wellness spa for a few days or more to help you get on the wellness path, look for a wellness spa that can fully immerse yourself in a healthy lifestyle.

There are many different names for a spa and wellness center. Destination spas signify an exceptional commitment to health, but the name has never attracted the public. The health spa is better known, but it is not used in the wellness spa business because it is outdated.

What to search

Here’s what you are looking for if you want a complete wellness experience that will help you develop a healthy lifestyle:

  • Spa cuisine that emphasizes whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and nutritional education

  • Complete Fitness & Stress Reduction Program

  • Therapeutic wellness spa treatments including massages

  • Educational lectures that teach you how to develop and maintain healthy habits at home

These health spas usually require you to stay for a minimum of two or three nights in order to reap the full benefits. Some require longer stays. Wellness spa prices usually include meals, lessons, and some wellness spa treatments.

How are health resorts different from wellness spa resorts?

Traditionally, spa resorts offer spa treatments along with golf, tennis, swimming, and other leisure activities that take advantage of their location (skiing, hiking, beach time). Everything is usually a la carte rather than an all-inclusive approach in health spas.

Most spa resorts offer several healthy dishes along with fine dining. They will usually have a well-equipped gym, depending on a few, on a full wellness workout schedule. They may charge you for wellness classes, or they may be free. They may have gym and wellness spa fees if you don’t have a scheduled treatment.

Recently, however, the lines are being erased. Some health resorts refer to themselves as spa resorts in order to display better on web searches. Some resorts and hotels call themselves destination resorts, although they do not meet all the traditional criteria such as extensive fitness programs and training. And spa resorts are taking on the characteristics of a wellness spa, to the point that they include integrator physicians, so it’s best to decide what you’re looking for and see who offers it.


Health spas serve exclusively healthy food, but there are different philosophies. Some health spas are weight-loss oriented, with limited calories and tight portion control. Others have an all-you-can-eat philosophy. Many do not serve alcohol, while others serve wine for dinner. While spas focus on healthy, whole foods, they don’t have to be organic.


Wellness spas have a camaraderie. You are with like-minded people who share your interest in health. Many have a small number of guests at any time and you can get to know people even if you go on your own. Small groups go hiking, take exercise classes, and share tables together. Usually, the staff to guest ratio is high and the staff is enthusiastic.


Destination resorts have different personalities and vary greatly in size, price, customization, and programming. They can accommodate between 8 and 250 guests, with an average of around 60. They come in a wide variety of prices, from most budget resorts that range from a few hundred dollars a night to $ 8,000 a week. Some are calorie restricted, while others are all you can eat.

What are wellness SPA treatments?

The English abbreviation SPA can be translated approximately like this: “health obtained from water” and this name appeared because in cosmetics for SPA care, the base is always mineral, thermal or seawater. Preparations based on different types of healing waters are universal – they can be used on any type of skin and are suitable for solving various cosmetic and aesthetic problems of the skin of the body.

Sea, mineral or thermal water – sources of valuable minerals, rare micro and macroelements that are useful for the body dermis. Thanks to these minerals and elements, skin cells receive adequate nutrition, blood circulation and cell metabolism improve in them. Therefore, SPA procedures are considered the most effective direction of cosmetology in the field of solving problems and imperfections of the skin.

Let’s find out why SPA body treatments are particularly useful.

The benefits of SPA treatments for the body: SPA procedures are incredibly useful – they not only help to get rid of certain imperfections of the skin (cellulite, stretch marks, sagging skin) once and for all, but are also effective against stress conditions, relieve muscle tension, and help in weight correction.

SPA care with seafood products (salts, mud, seawater, micronized algae) allows you to cleanse the skin of the stratum corneum of dead epithelial particles, removes accumulations of toxins, and toxins from the pores improves the useful permeability of the epidermis. This direction in the SPA has its own name – thalassotherapy.

The range of SPA procedures also includes various massage techniques. Massage helps to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, have a positive effect on the normalization of the sebaceous glands, and eliminates pain.

SPA wraps are no less useful. The wraps can be different: based on algae, fresh honey, natural chocolate. Different formulations have different cosmetological purposes: hot wraps are indispensable in the fight against the nasty orange peel and in body shaping. Cold wraps are used to increase the elasticity of the body skin, to rejuvenate it.

The general course of SPA procedures helps to bring the body into perfect condition – get rid of cellulite and ugly stretch marks, make the skin soft, velvety, return it to a healthy look, and fresh color. It is most convenient to undergo SPA care procedures in specialized centers – all conditions are created there for the convenience of clients, for complete relaxation during SPA sessions. But you can arrange a SPA-salon at home – just find enough time for the procedures and purchase professional cosmetic SPA-products.