What Does A Neurologist Do for Dogs?

Like other diseases, dogs also suffer from neurological disorders. The symptoms of the neurological disorder can be sudden and obvious. These symptoms can be tremors, paralysis, and many others.

If your dog suffers from either of these symptoms, you may need to visit the canine neurologist in Long Beach because they have special skills and training for treating these neurological disorders.

To help you get all the information about the dog’s neurologists and what kind of treatment they offer to your pet, let’s read further carefully.

What are Dogs’ Neurological Disorders?

The canine neurological disorder stems from a pet’s nervous system. Neurological disorders can affect the three main areas of the dogs such as the spinal cord, brain, and nervous system.

These diseases can cause various changes in the dog’s behavior and affect the mobility of the dogs. Sometimes, the neurological disorder of the dogs remains unnoticed for a long time.

This is why a neurologist will help in dealing with the neurological issues at the earliest. A neurologist’s best thing is that he can detect the early symptoms of the neurological disorders that you cannot catch at a previous stage.

What Would Be the Common Neurological Disorder Symptoms of the Pet?

The neurological disorder symptoms of the dogs may include the following:

        Constant head tilting




        Unsteady paralysis and gait of the hind limbs and front limbs

        Urinating and stool related problem

        Loss of the pain sensation within the affected limbs

        Facial nerves paralysis

        Blinking in-ability

        Your pet experiencing the balancing problem

        Your dog has the brain stroke

        The back of your dog might be fractured, and his spinal cord is injured.

        Loss of the functioning of the tongue

        Neck or the back pain

        Shaking of the eyes

        Lack of body coordination

        Nausea and tale chasing

        And a lot of more other symptoms

These are the certain symptoms that you may notice in your pet. This will help you to understand whether your dog is suffering from a neurological disorder. Moreover, the neurologist will also help diagnose these symptoms better and provide the best treatment to get rid of the neurological disorder.

How does a Neurologist diagnose Neurological Disorders?

Whenever the dog is suffering from neurological disorders, the neurologist will first pay attention to the dog’s early signs and symptoms. If any of these symptoms arise in the dog, then they will proceed with further diagnosing procedure such as:

        Is the dog suffering from any pain?

        Did your dog meet with the accidental injury?

        Is your dog on prolonged medication or not?

After all these diagnosing ways, they will proceed with a physical examination, X-rays, and another test to diagnose the disease in a better way. Moreover, they also perform some specific neurological examinations, reflexes, and testing nerve function.

All these tests help detect the neurological disorder as early as possible. In severe cases, the MIR, radiographs, CT-scan are also performed by the neurologist to detect even those neurological symptoms which are undetected or unnoticed.

A canine neurologist in Long Beach and elsewhere has a specialty in diagnosing these neurological diseases and treating them earlier.

Treatment Done by a Neurologist

Once the neurological disorder diagnosis is made, the canine neurologist will provide the best neurological treatment to treat the disease. They will access the reflexes, cranial nerves, and abnormal behavior to detect the disease as early as possible.

Moreover, depending on the severity of the neurological symptoms, the neurologist may proceed with the surgical treatment to remove the tumor if your pet has. The severity of the spinal cord may also require surgical treatment.

However, along with these kinds of treatment, the neurologist may advise you to care for your dog during the initial treatment time. Remember that your pet is suffering from the neurological disease; they may get hyper and react vigorously, so you need to keep yourself calm during their treatment. This will help them to recover from the disease faster.

Final Thoughts

Like human beings, pets also suffer from neurological disorders. These kinds of disorders may not be caught by you at an early stage. This is why you need to bring your dog to a neurologist specialist.

These neurologists help detect the disorder at an early stage and provide faster treatment to recover from the neurological disease. They use advanced techniques of diagnosing, which help in early diagnosing and treating these disorders.