Want To Know About The Revolutionary Mobile Tracker App The OgyMogy?

It has been a while since mobile especially smartphones started taking over our lives. At first, you had to even pay for receiving a phone call. But now here we are, using that same cellphone for God knows so many purposes. The evolution of mobile phones has made life so much easier and luxurious. But on the other hand, this easy access to technology has made certain things more difficult and complex. For example, now the kids at an early age who don’t even know how to say a single word want your smartphone to watch a cartoon or listen to rhymes. Similarly, personal smartphone for teenagers is threatening in a sense that the vulnerable age is exposed to so many realities way early because of social media and internet.  So apparently they use a cellphone to do millions of other tasks except receiving the parent’s call on time. This is the bitter reality of the teen generation. 

How we the parents handle the situation is up to us. Some of us try old school method and don’t allow personal smartphone other choose the open communication method and try to add themselves on every social media account of the kid. Well, there is another way out that can help the parents to keep their cool parent image and let them know about every aspect of a teenager’s life without making it a big deal. That’s right it is possible. We welcome you all to the revolutionary tracker app world. A mobile tracker can do wonders for you and that too remotely thus you can keep an eye on your teen’s cellphone and get reports about any kind of major or minor activity very easily. One of the apps that offer efficient parental control features is OgyMogy.

Call Log Monitoring Made Easy:

One can keep a check on all the incoming and outgoing call records of the teenager by using the call log feature. I can know about my daughter’s long call list beforehand and be prepared to receive a heavy post-paid bill in advance. The call monitoring feature helps me to prepare my mind and I can monitor the call log and contacts as well. 

Do Not Like Texting? Well, We Have Solution:

Teenager prefers text over call contrary to us the old school who think dialing up is easier. So if you do not like to text but want to know about the texting habit of the teenager then this feature can help you. The text log feature lets the user know about the text content of the teen along with the details of the receiver end people. Make sure your kiddo does not like to use abusive or foul language slang in the text message conversation with friends and circle. 

Worried About The Photo Collection?

Smartphones these days offer heavy memory and high-quality camera to its user. One can use the cellphone as a full-fledged camera and take photos and make videos and can even do editing things as well. Keep an eye on the captured and downloaded photos of the teen by having remote access to the photo folder of their device. This feature lets the user unlock the photo folder without even knowing about the password. Track any unethical, sexual, or adult content right away in your teenager’s cellphone with this feature. 

Can’t Keep Up With The Instant Message Chat :

Can’t keep up with the variety of instant messenger chat app used by your teenager. Well, no need to worry as OgyMogy offers an instant message chat app monitoring feature that let the parent knows all about the chat content of the teenager. 

Want something more than a mobile tracker, well you are the right place as the OgyMogy offer different version as well like android, windows and mac spy app version. All you need to do is select your favorite package, install it by following simple steps and start tracking. You need to have physical access to the target device and yes it should not be password protected. There is only one time need for physical access i.e at the time of installation, other than that remote access is granted to the user and it makes the monitoring very easy.