Want to Connect your Netgear_Ext Setup wirelessly?

In case you are wandering here and there to find a wireless way to set up your Netgear wifi range extender, you are on the right web page reading the right article. In this informative guide, we will tell you about the wifi protected setup known as the WPS method to install Netgear_ext setup via mywifiext.net setup portal. 

Also, we will tell you some easy and practical troubleshooting tips and tricks by which you can experience a better quality of your internet. So without wasting any more time gossiping, let’s get straight to the Netgear extender setup process. 

WPS Method for Netgear_ext Setup Process

Follow the below-mentioned information in the sequence order without skipping any part, not to have to see error popups on your screen. 

  • Connect your Netgear extender in an electrical socket near your home wifi. 

  • Now press the on/off switch to turn on the extender device.

  • Take a look at your netgear_ext and try to find a WPS button.

  • Press and hold the WPS button for at least 20 seconds and then release it. 

  • Now take your router device and look for the WPS button to do the same thing as before

  • Once done, your Netgear extender and your router will connect automatically, but you have to configure them right. 

  • Now take any of your personal computers and open a web browser. Make sure that the web browser you are using is up to date. 

  • Click on the address bar icon and type www.mywifiext.net, then hit the enter key. 

  • You will directly get redirected to the mywifiext.net web setup portal for new Netgear extenders.

  • Fill in the information in the given username and password blocks and hit the login button. 

  • Now follow the on-screen information step by step carefully.

  • You will be prompted to ask a few security questions that will help you in future by chance you lost your admin credentials. 

  • Click on next

  • Now open the available networks list. 

  • Look for your extender network and click on it to get connected. 

  • Once connected, follow the instructions till you see the finish icon. 

  • Click on the finish icon to save your selfmade settings.

  • Netgear_ext setup is complete now.

Know the right Location for your Netgear_ext

Once your setup is complete, it is essential to place your Netgear extender at the right place to get a better experience. To do so, follow the below mentioned, which is already given in the sequence. Please don’t skip any part. 

  • Once your netgear_ext setup is complete, take your extender and place it half of your home router and the place with a low or no network zone. 

  • Check the meter of your Netgear nighthawk app to recognise your extender device at the perfect Location ideally. 

  • Now take any of your smart devices and tap on the wifi icon. 

  • Look for your new Netgear extender network and click on it to get connected. 

  • Make sure to tick the “remember me” option so that you don’t have to connect every time you come to that particular area. 

  • Now try to check your internet connection by surfing the internet or streaming a video. 

  • If it works fine, congratulations, you are all set. 

Wrap up 

If you have followed all the information mentioned earlier in the correct order and still don’t get connected to the mywifiext.net setup, let us know, and we will get back to you with better assistance next time. 


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