Turn Your Seasonal Marketing Campaign Successful Through Voice Overs

Seasonal events and celebrations present different opportunities for different business sectors. For many brands, seasonal opportunities are huge and often the most commercially critical times of the financial year. Most companies can benefit from tapping into their consumers’ holiday psyches and holiday spirit and if you are looking to create a marketing campaign for your brand, engaging voice overs can help you to align your marketing messages with the spirit of the season.

Using a powerful voice over will not only convey a specific message precisely, it will also support your brand and deliver the emotional message the campaign is intending to invoke. In addition, a distinctive and professional voice over artist can give your campaign a recognizable auditory profile that listeners and viewers immediately recognize and engage with. 

1.    Background and preparation

If you are trying to leverage the seasonal events to thrive your business, the following points will ensure that your marketing campaigns are a success:

 a.    Establish the purpose

Before you even start looking for the voice artist, you need to know what you want to achieve through your campaign. Is the purpose is to persuade the audience to buy a product? Or are you looking to raise awareness? Establishing the purpose by considering your brand’s message will help you to set the tone of the campaign. 

b.    Analyze your audience

Knowing the target audience is the initial step before creating any seasonal marketing campaign. Defining your target audience means that you can visualize exactly who you’re aiming your campaign at. Know the demographics, age, occupation and gender of the audience to help identify with your target market. Visualizing your potential customers on the basis of their preferences will help you to deliver the appropriate content, tone and pitch to them. 

c.    Write a Great Script

A good script plays a pivotal role in marketing campaigns as you have only a few seconds to catch the attention of the customers and drive home the message. You need to make sure your script is engaging, descriptive, and easy to understand. You have one chance to grab the listener’s attention and to make your script perfect, you need to pay extra attention to the content and length of the script. 

2.    Hire the right Voice Over Talent

After establishing the type of voice you need for your campaign, you’ll have narrowed the search to an extent. However, for a smooth and seamless process and campaign success, you’ll need not just the right voice, but professionalism and excellent service behind that voice. Here’s just some of the things to look for.


a.    Acting ability and voice versatility.

A good Voice Actor should be able to take on a number of roles and take on different characters. Voice acting requires technical vocal skills and years of training, hence a seasoned voice actor is required who can visualize your concept and animate it for the audience through their voice. While hiring the voice artist, remember to put careful consideration into your desired voice tone, accent, and style of delivery. Explore the background and skill set of the voice artists you consider, to ensure they have the acting skills you need. 

b.    Recording studio and quality of equipment.

Being a professional Voice Over recording Artist is more than just having a good voice and a microphone. Making a voice recording a success also relies on the quality of the equipment used. For clear, high-quality sound and production, it’s important to use an artist who has invested in the very best equipment. 

c.    Editing and production skills.

Recording the voice is the first part of the process. Editing and producing the final version to perfection completes it. Having a good sound production with your voice over can create an extraordinary experience for your listeners. 

By reviewing your conversion strategy for seasonality and incorporating vibrant voice-overs to your campaigns, you can engage with your audience better and enhance your ROI. Voyzapp is an online voice over company, where you can easily compare thousands of voice artists, listen to their demos, and hire the perfect voice for your marketing campaign! 

After all, choosing the advertising and marketing voice-overs wisely could be the key to your best financial year yet!