Troubleshooting: Key Turns, Still Car Door Not Opening  

It is a common problem most drivers face at least once in their life. A key turns into a lock but fails to unlock the car door, leaving you perplexed and frustrated.

Some people may google “how to unlock my car door without a key?” You don’t need to go that way; instead, focus on the problem. The reason could be a frozen lock, wrong key, lack of lubrication, dirt in the keyhole or some others. But these are simple reasons. The problem could be caused by other complex conditions too. In this blog post, we will discuss them at length. Go through the rest; it will help you.

Lack of Lubrications

It’s one of the most common reasons for the above-mentioned problem. The root cause of lack of lubrication could be prolonged use or getting into the vehicle after being out in the shower.   

Lack of lubrication causes your car key to get stuck in the midway and stop turning. If you have been trying to unlock your car with manual keys or using a keyfob for the same purpose, you may experience the issue.

It is easy to fix. Apply some lubrication spray to the keyhole of car door lock. Turn the key in the opposite direction, apply more lube and repeat the process until the key successfully turns all the way!

There are several lubricant brands; choose a reputed one for use.

Damaged Key

If you are not using an original key, it is highly likely that the key will get damaged while turning into the hole. With a damaged key, it will get more difficult to unlock your car.

The solution is super easy: always use the original key. If it is damaged or lost, get a new one from a car dealer or a locksmith.

Too much abuse also causes damage to the brand new keys. Even tiny damage may prevent the lock from working. So, make sure to use the car key with caution; otherwise, it may end up getting damaged.

Frozen Car Lock

Those living in a region where the mercury dips down below zero degrees, face the issue more often. How hard you try, your physical key won’t unlock car door. It happens because the water molecules turn into ice at the freezing temp and get stuck into the keyhole of the door lock, thus preventing the key from getting into.

The solution is as simple as the problem. Just wait for the ice to thaw and the key will easily turn into the hole all the way. If you don’t have time to wait, use a de-icer spray to melt the ice so that it functions instantly.

In addition to freezing climate regions, regular cold temps can prevent the lock from not functioning properly. Metal shrinks in cold weather and can create a situation similar to lack of lubrication.

Damaged Car Lock

Like a damaged key, a damaged lock can prevent a car door from opening. A lock can suffer damages from constant use or collision.

If the lock looks worn out or does not function properly, the best bet is to get a new one. If you’re not willing to spend money on a new buy, get a new cylinder of the lock. Usually, the tumblers or cylinder of the lock gets damaged or worn out over time. If changing these solves your problem, you can avoid replacement.

However, it’s always better to go for a long-term solution to avoid hazard. You may get stuck again on the road. Replacement is definitely the best option.

Worn-Out Car Lock

It is quite natural for the locks in old cars to wear out. Even if you are using the right key, the door won’t open. It gets difficult for the key to turn out in a worn-out lock. If your key cannot unlock the door even after repeated efforts, the lock is more likely worn out. In that case, lock replacement is the only solution.

Never wait long for your lock to fail completely as you may find yourself standing helplessly on the road. Instead, take your car to a locksmith as soon as the lock shows the signs of damages. Simply ask for a replacement to avoid any hazard in the future.

Wrong Key

A wrong manual key won’t unlock car door. It usually happens when people have more than one car of the same model and pick up the wrong key. The keys look similar and turn a bit but then get stuck!

However, if the car is not opening even after you are using the right key, the problem is most likely with the lock.

Improperly Installed Car Lock

Has your car recently been to an auto mechanic shop and since then, your key has had a hard time unlocking the car?

The mechanic or locksmith may have replaced the old thing with an improper key or a defective lock. In that case, you will face the problem soon after your car comes back from the shop and you try to unlock the door to get into.

Take the car to a good mechanic shop, get a refund for the wrong installation and find a better replacement.

Dust Inside

If your car remains unshielded often, dust will easily get inside and build up between the key and the lock. The key won’t be able to make its way through the dust and as a result, the door will remain shut.

Remove the dust from the key and the lock. Use a compressed air spray for thorough cleaning to fix the issue.

Stuck Car Door Latch

If your car’s door latch gets stuck, the key won’t be able to open the door no matter, how much effort you put in.  

This time, the problem is not with the lock but with the latch. You should take your car to an auto repair station to get the problem fixed. The mechanic knows how to open car door without key and will do the needful.

Usually, car drivers and owners tend to think that the problem is with the key or the lock. It seldom occurs to them that there might be something wrong with the latch. If the latch is corroded or rusty, it will prevent the door from opening.

Final Words

So, you can see the root causes are not complex at all. In most cases, you can fix the problem yourself. Only in a few cases, you will need the help of an auto mechanic.

Sometimes, a simple upgrade or a new installation is the only way out if you are unable to unlock the door with your key. Regular dusting is important to keep the inside and outside of your car in a mint condition. Car Cleaning also helps maintain a healthy ambiance inside. Finally, a regular check-up at a repair shop is a must to ensure that everything is just perfect.