Top Tech Blogs in India

With increasing competition between brands to rule the affordable tech market in India, it is becoming extremely hard for ordinary people to keep a record of the things that are trending in technology. To understand the future with tech and the present scenario, common people need to keep track of things in the field of technology. Hence, technology blogs India are rescuing people and are providing the information needed to people. Here is the list of best tech blogs in India and their niches:

Shoutmeloud – Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agrawal created a tech blog Shoutmeloud in 2008 as he was enthusiastic about blogging. As most of the tech bloggers, he is an engineer by education and a blogger by profession. Before he became an expert blogger, he used to work with Convergys. While he was offered a job at Accenture, he decided to be his boss and started blogging full time. There are a lot of hacks available to explore when blogging. It will be easier for bloggers to know the hacks. Shoutmeloud blogs about various hacks available for blogging. This blog covers niches like WordPress, blogging tips, making money using blogs, web tools, SEO, etc.

Labnol – Amit Agarwal

Labnol is a tech blog started by an IITian Amit Agarwal in 2004. He quit his corporate job to pursue his passion as a professional blogger. He has been awarded for authoring Digital Inspirations on his blog. Amit Agarwal is India’s first professional blogger. Labnol’s focuses on consumer software.

Nextbigwhat – Ashish Sinha

Ashish Sinha, an IIT Roorkee and IIM Bangalore graduate set up a blog called Nextbigwhat. Before setting up a blog, he worked at major companies like Yahoo, i2 Technologies, and IBM. As Sinha loved technology, he started to write about it passionately. Initially, it was just his blog, now it has been transformed into a community where technology and start-up ecosystems are discussed. This blog covers everything under the sun about technology such as news, reviews, tips, tricks, hacks, updates, etc.

Guiding Tech – Abhijeet Mukherjee

Abhijeet Mukherjee founded Guiding Tech. Now his blog is a part of a large GT Network, which he founded and now holds the position of editor. GT Network was established in the year 2008. Monthly, Guiding Tech receives 2 million visitors. Over the years, the blog has been diversified under the niches of GT Mobiles, GT Resources, and GT Cool Stuff to reach a wide range of audiences.

9lessons – Srinivas Tamada

9lessons was started by Srinivas Tamada in 2009. Tamada is well known for developing a social networking software called Wall Script 8 to understand social networking concepts and to build social network websites. His unique tech blogs cover almost all the aspects of programming that are available in the market. Through this blog, Tamada gives comprehensive tutorials on Database, Jquery, Ajax, PHP, Demos, Web Design, CSS, and web apps.

All Tech Buzz – Imran Uddin

Tech Buzz is a tech blog founded in 2011 by Imran Uddin. Imran Uddin started blogging when he was in second year engineering to earn some extra money as he came from a middle-class family. Even after landing a job in MNC after graduation, Imran was not satisfied. His belief that the internet was a world full of knowledge made him start this blog. He started with tips and tutorials posts. Initially, this blog was started on an inexpensive domain, now this comes with .net. Blogging tips, news, and reviews on released gadgets and software, etc. are published on this blog.

Techlila – Rajesh Namse

TechLila is a go-to site for all technology tips and tricks that were founded by Rajesh Namse in the year 2012. This blog is like an encyclopedia for up to the minute technological news. The posts published on this blog are predominantly of how-to guides, tips, tricks, hacks, and insights. The blog has been positioned as an encyclopedia for the latest tech advancements.

Master Blogging – Ankit Kumar Singla

This blog was founded by a Delhi based full-time blogger, Ankit Kumar Singla. Ankit teaches the art of blogging through his blog.

Android advices – Amit Bhawani

This blog focuses on android related posts such as apps, associated services, and hardware available in the market. The articles on this blog provide reviews, practical tips, and tutorials.

Hellbound Bloggers – Pradeep Kumar

Hellbound Bloggers was founded by Pradeep Kumar. This blog covers topics such as social media, SEO, blogging, WordPress, e-commerce, web apps, etc. There are still many gems of bloggers available in India. But these are the top tech bloggers in India right now! With the future with tech, the number of tech bloggers will only increase.