Top Features of Practice Fusion EHR

About Practice Fusion EHR

As a leader in EHR solutions and a specialist of remotely accessible ambulatory electronic record software across the nation, Practice Fusion EHR delivers quality medical software to over 30,000 practices that cater to over five million patients every month.

Allscripts created practice Fusion to provide your clinic with IT solutions that are easy to use and can adapt best to independent physician practices. Aside from this, Practice Fusion also works with labs, imaging clinics, and pharmacies. 

Overall, with Practice Fusion, your clinic can have the right tools at its disposal so you can see an improvement when it comes to clinical results, cost balances, and overall patient engagement and care.

The Best Features of Practice Fusion EHR

As a leading software developer, Practice Fusion provides clinics with integrated solutions and features to improve productivity. Here are some of the best features it has to offer.

Straightforward Implementation, Minimal Downtime

One of the worries smaller practices have when switching to a new EHR is that there might be considerable downtime during which the clinic cannot efficiently provide care to patients. However, Practice Fusion EHR has a dedicated team to help prevent that kind of disaster.

You can easily export your patient records from your previous EHR or pretty much any other management system into the Practice Fusion interface, so all your data is up-to-date. Should you need help in this process, the customer support team is readily available to provide you with the training resources you need to make a flexible transfer. 

You don’t have to rely on manual entry to get back older data, and the team is available to ensure the data is up-to-date and accurate. The software also has the option to integrate existing or new billing systems flexibly. 

Satisfy Federal and State Regulations

The software offers you intuitive features that allow you to remain compliant with federal programs. Practice Fusion keeps up with updates in regulations and lets you know if any changes to the policy will impact the status of your practice.

Depending on what state you live in, there are routine changes to policy around healthcare that will impact how you run your practice. With this software, you’re constantly in the loop to stay up-to-date, so you’re not hit with any costs in response to new policies. 

Use A Functional Software

Using Practice Fusion, you can keep up with the charting needs of your practice using optimized tools for tablet devices. The interface does not require an application to be downloaded to the tablet and can enable you to use all the features you love from the software.

The tablet version is far from being stripped down – you get to use all your favorite tools and can switch from the tablet to desktop without lags in syncing and functionality. Your work and patient progress are always available at the touch of a finger, no matter where you are. 

All of Practice Fusion’s platforms are HIPAA compliant to ensure all patient data is kept safe and secure. There is no installation required, and you can begin using it from the minute you sign up for the software. 

Update Software Automatically

A hallmark of good software is that it regularly updates itself to provide continuous care about changes in the healthcare industry and adapting. With Practice Fusion EHR, you can rest assured all updates happen automatically and in real-time. 

Practice Fusion uses rapid cycle development models, which means they are ready for changes faster than anyone else on the market. 

Easily Manage Clinic Tasks

Running a clinic is no easy job, and when there are a dozen things to do at any given moment, tackling the work of patient care can seem impossible. However, with Practice Fusion, you can use a comprehensive task management feature to manage all the clinic’s to-dos in a straightforward process. 

Your administrative, clinical, and back-office staff can be easily coordinated and assigned tasks and duties. The unfinished documents, lab results, and orders are all placed in one area so everyone can easily access them and keep up with their work. 

Manage Administrative Workload 

With customized reporting, you can handle all of the claims, billing, and orders pending at the clinic, and at the same time, maintain logs of staff activity needed for audits. All of your intra-staff communications can also be managed from one inbox, meaning the EHR is the one-stop solution for interactions between staff, doctors, and patients. 

You can send and receive messages and faxes on HIPAA compliant platforms, meaning all data is secure and encrypted. You can refer patients to providers nationwide and send over the complete medical record, including diagnoses, tests, and charts.

The lab results you receive are placed directly within the medical record of your patients and are shareable with patients and other providers. Structured results are also readable in the software, and Practice Fusion can also flag abnormalities automatically so you can focus on what areas require instant identification. 

How Practice Fusion EHR Facilitates Interaction with Patients

Practice Fusion allows you to facilitate the entire process of patient interaction as they navigate through the clinic, beginning from the booking of the appointment to the administration of treatment plans.  

Pre-Visit Features

Practices can manage their appointments online, and patients can schedule bookings through the software. Practice Fusion will then send them reminders about the visit. When patients do come into the clinic for a visit, you can also automate their intake process.

You can speed up an intake for patients using a registration form created from a template. The information entered in is automatically then exported to the EHR, where it can be accessed and viewed at any time by staff at the clinic. 

Doctors can also track the records from patients through the entire population, so you can search for patients who need extra care and may need another appointment. To schedule appointments like this, you can simply set one up in the record management tool so you can avoid opening extra windows.

Features for Duration of Visit

Doctors often know all of the medical information they need to administer the best kind of care to their patients. Still, in stressful or high-traffic situations, data can get lost. In such a scenario, notifications of recommendations by WHO and the CDC are available to doctors to review.

Patients also need education and awareness materials to become more attuned with their diagnoses and treatments. All of this information is available to patients at the patient portal.

Post-Visit Features

After your patients have visited the clinic, they can be sent test results, prescriptions, diagnoses, and treatment plans to proceed ahead. Should they have questions, they can also communicate with you through a secure messaging feature. 

Reports will make it easier for you to identify the patients who don’t have enough information to make your clinic Meaningful Use compliant.



Practice Fusion EHR is a beneficial resource for any independent practice looking to optimize their activity and improve clinical data. To see if this is the right software for you, you can request a Practice Fusion demo or check out online reviews of the software by other practices that have seen it in action.