Top Benefits of Air Curtains in Commercial Buildings

Air Curtains-many organizations choose them and they really provide a lot of advantages for saving health and money. Update out all the stuff air curtains can do for your workplace if you’re not one of them.

What’s the Air Curtain?

It is quite simply, an air curtain is as it looks like: an air curtain flowing over open doorways.

These machines are designed to provide a steady flow of air through gaps, which is why they are often known as air doors. In supermarkets and bars, you’ve already come across them, and they really have a lot of advantages.

Updating an air curtain in your factory, shopping room, office entryways, restaurant, hospital, processing facility, and, well, just about everywhere you choose to keep the air conditioning in and air conditioning out, has many advantages.

We Divide The Benefits Of Air Curtains Into Five Categories:

1. Savings in Power:

It takes energy to condition space, no matter what kind of HVAC system your building uses. Untreated air outside can raise the load and decrease the comfort of occupants. The contaminated air outside and the handled air in would be maintained by an air curtain. This has a significant effect on the cumulative consumption of resources.

  • Decreases the loss of energy from the conditioned room

  • Significantly decrease (heating/cooling) central plant power

  • Helps reduce the running expense of buildings

  • Lowers emissions of CO2.

2. Health and Hygiene:

It’s more than just a threat to flying insects and pests; they will infect goods in your facility. But having the doors locked at all times in factories that demand continuous transportation of goods is not an option. In such situations, air curtains may be mounted to expel pests at entrances and exits. The stress from the curtain’s airstream protects flies and insects from entering your premises. In order to keep smoke and emissions out of the facility, industrial air curtains also help.

  • Helps preserve appropriate surroundings

  • Decreases absenteeism for staff

  • Regulation of Rodents and Mosquitoes

  • The airborne dust barrier, waste, fumes, and unpleasant odors.

3. Safety and Security:

Our antique assets or furniture are essential to cure and reserve, it should be taken into consideration that antique furniture should not be cared for or restored in the same way as modern home furnishings. There are many variables that influence furniture pieces, such as UV light, sunshine, hot air, relative humidity, precipitation, and insects/pests.

  • Reduce pollution of biomass.

  • Improving vision and preventing collisions when there is no physical barrier

  • Simple evacuation in case of fire or emergency through the exit doorway

  • Act as just a flame-smoke barrier.

4. Increase in Staff Productivity:

The job efficiency of your workers will potentially be adversely influenced by a temperature that is marginally too hot or too cold.

Air curtains keep the indoor temperature constant, which will keep your workers happy and allow them to be more efficient.

  • The open door often welcomes its customers and workers. It promotes confidence, satisfaction, and trust.

  • Doors may stay open; an invisible door is created by an air curtain.

  • Prevents warm or cooling air from escaping; two areas are separated by the Air Curtain to preserve opposite temperatures.

  • Reduces draughts and discomfort; improves standards of convenience by minimizing draughts for employees, clients, and guests near to the doorways.

5. Main Air Curtain Applications:

Air-conditioned areas; the openings to retail outlets are usually located to condition the entry of outside air into the air-conditioned space.

  • Industrial climate control: Air Curtains’ typical positions are external doors to manufacturers and factories as well as internal doors to various temperature factory areas.

  • Cold store: use every time the door is opened to mitigate the lack of refrigerated air, mitigate temperature fluctuations, and mist a cold store.

  • Clean rooms: on the “clean” side of a room, air curtains can be mounted to regulate the flow of dust and humidity through the doorway.

  • Restaurant smells. The cooking has all sorts of smells that are uncontrollable. At a commercial location, it is important to keep a bad smell away. It is likely if the fabrication is situated near a business or commercial location. So don’t worry, all bad air will be removed by the Air Curtain and odor that reaches the building by keeping out the outside air.

  • Multiple uses: Air curtains are often used for diverse purposes, such as factories, industrial facilities, small farms, restaurants, markets, industrial ovens, and openings for refrigerated display cabinets. They can also be used to distinguish smoking from non-smoking environments, helping to preserve an indoor atmosphere that is friendly.

The Berners Air Curtain is an eco-friendly method of reducing the energy needed for the HVAC system and improving the comfort of occupants.

Contact Air Door Distributors for more information on air curtains. To accomplish these advantages, it is completely important to choose the correct air curtain.