Top 7 Modern Rug Trends in 2021

You have never imagined how much an area rug is important for your home. Area rugs have an equal capacity to add and break a room. Unless and until you have a right rug jack you will never be able to realize the significance of a right area rug. Before finalizing the remaining factors. Focus on the rug textures and patterns that serve the purpose.

Decide on the rugs that have a great aesthetic appeal and incredible appearance. Before figuring it out, narrow down the list of modern rug trends. NO doubt rug buying is a time-consuming task however once the time is consumed your rug will go to pay you throughout life. Area rugs wonderfully make your place beautiful.

You can buy the rug from the market. If you are finding a rug that is purely vintage don’t worry you don’t have to get a permit card just flee towards the rug shop and buy your favourite trendy rug.

7 Modern Rug Trends

  1. Moroccan Rugs

  2. Chevron

  3. Cowhide

  4. Geometric

  5. Kilim

  6. Vintage 

  7. Layered Rugs


  1. Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are the latest trendy rug in 2021. No question these rugs are derived from the African countries. These stunning signature pieces are the true depiction of craftsmanship and a lot of struggle. 

The polychromatic tribal pattern identifies this rug. Most high-end design stores carry original handicrafts models, but if the price is too high, many American retailers have made beautiful (and affordable) replicas. You can buy the one easily at an affordable price.

  1. Chevron

Chevron is a famous rug pattern with a lot of effects. Nesting with Grace, a subtle woven chevron rug is a good way to add texture and pattern to an area without smothering it. If you’ve been hoping to try combining prints, chevron pairs well with almost every pattern (floral, striped, tropical—the possibilities are endless)


  1. Cowhide

Animal prints for the rugs are always favorite among the kinds. This rug trend ebbs and flows in great fame. Animal prints make your home more focused by the visitors.  Stunning cowhide is one of the best patterns for contemporary style homes.  You may buy this rug at any rug market at a reasonable price. 

  1. Geometric

Geometric rugs make your home lurid and proud.  From wall graphics to the rugs geometric patterns enhance the boldness of any place.  Bright geometric rug creates a unique difference. They make your home look more bold and dashing.  You can use geometric style rugs indoors, outdoors, patios, kids room and wherever you want. 

  1. Kilim

Kilim are the latest trendy rugs since many decades. Days are gone when kilims are considered ars the old style. Nowadays these rugs are on the front designs. These rugs are basically originated from the Turkish areas, North Africa and Balkans.  Kilims are popular for their colors and extraordinary patterns. These rugs are timeless and add an astonishing effect to the whole place.

  1. Vintage 

If you are planning to buy a rug online. You have many options indeed. Regardless of the rug style, vintage is one of the great options for rug. No doubt vintage exists in a great variety. All of us love the antique rugs from grandma’s cupboards. Though we love to place them in living rooms and bedrooms but believe that vintage rugs with modern furniture gives an extraordinary look.

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  1. Layered Rugs

Are you confused about selecting a single rug pattern? Or if you are having a simple rug that is not large enough to cover your living space. Layered rugs are the best solution to handle most of your problems. Rugs with different layers are considered as the latest rug trend in 2021


. It is getting popular among the people with each passing day. Now you can easily buy two different rugs with unique patterns to have more fun with your entire space. You can also use a combination of different materials such as wool or jute to enhance the effect.