Top 6 Interesting Facts That Prove Ants are Evil

Tropical rain forests have the highest population of ants, but you can find them everywhere. Though they are an organized species, they are no less than evil. Some people think ants are cool, but that’s not true! Evil ants, also known as demon ants have blades facing upwards. They have a deadly feeding apparatus armored with metal. This facial anatomy is not prevalent in the living species.

There are plenty of facts that prove ants are evil. We’ll take a look at each type of ant and how they prove harmful to nature and mankind.

Carpenter ants

This type of ant is one of the most common ant pests. Due to their love for wood, these ants have been named carpenter ants. These ants are a big headache for homeowners who have houses made of wood. They have the potential to destroy an entire house by burrowing into the wood like termites. To put it simply, these ants are responsible for collapsing houses. So, how can you get rid of this evil ant? The best way is to track the nest but the job is not that easy! If you can locate the nest, you can kill these ants by pumping insecticides into their nest. But the problem is it’s hard to find carpenter ants and kill them. So, it’s proved that carpenter ants are evil ants!

Ghost ants

Another type of ant – known as the ghost ant, can be found both indoors and outdoors. This kind of ant can create massive nests, thus growing in numbers and making them difficult to eradicate from the areas. Their main ability lies in their potential to abolish the whole ecosystem. So, if you have been wondering – are ants evil? Yes, they are! They are excellent hunters and can destroy the entire plant population. As far as appearance is concerned, they have a ghostly exoskeleton. In other words, they have an evil appearance! Apparently, they are fond of chips so it’s going to be really harmful to whoever gets that bag! Also, they build nests in flowerpots – so it’s a horrible surprise for those doing the yard work!

Army ants

Elephants are scared of army ants. Sounds unbelievable, right? If you’ve been trying to find out the notorious ants on this planet – it’s none other than the army ants. These types of ants settle temporarily in one place. They link their bodies together and create a shield for the queen to lay her eggs. As soon as the baby ants start walking, the battalion fans out in the destructive line swallowing everything that comes their way. These ants cannot work singly – and they are most destructive when in groups. In a large group, they can devour their prey which is a hundred times bigger than them. African tribes make use of kerosene and set them on fire to kill these evil ants.

Pharaoh ants

Unlike other ants, pharaoh ants do not die in cold weather. And there’s a reason why they survive cold months with ease. They create their nests inside heating and ventilation systems. Moreover, these ants cause havoc in public spaces like health centers by infecting surgical tools and areas. They’re not only clever but also evil!

Fire ants

The fire ant is the most terrible ant in the world! These ants bring huge havoc to animals as they attack like a demon with vengeance. These ants can climb vertical surfaces with ease. Moreover, they leave a painful sting causing white bumps on the skin. In rare cases, they can also kill the victim. For instance, wild animals like deer, lizards, and birds can die from these ant stings. Initiatives have been taken to protect the creatures vulnerable to these ants. However, they are so widespread that it’s difficult to control them so easily.

Crazy ants

Though the name sounds funny, there are two horrific varieties of this ant. One is tawny ants and the other one is yellow ants. Both these types build supercolonies, making it almost impossible to eliminate them. Moreover, these ants have odd desirability for electricity – causing damage to electric devices, wiring, and television sets. Now you know why they are called ‘crazy ants!’

Last but not the least; there’s a particular ant species that participate in slavery! Sounds awkward, isn’t it? We know that slavery is extremely an inhumane and brutal practice. The ants that follow slavery are known as ‘slave makers’ and they have been created to fight and not feed. These ants attack a colony of regular ants, kidnap the infants from the queen, and grow them to make their slaves! If you have been wondering – are ants evil – then you must have got your answer by now!  So, stay away from them and protect your house as well as your surroundings.