Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Air Conditioning System

Your commercial air conditioning system is one of those pieces of equipment that, even though you may not think about it all the time, is absolutely vital to your business’s operations. This is true whether you run an office, a restaurant, a shopping mall, a warehouse, or any other type of business imaginable.

Therefore, if your air conditioner breaks or slows down, it can cause massive losses to your business, not to mention the costs of repairs or replacement. Even if it doesn’t, an inefficient air conditioning system will cost hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars in wasted energy bills. For that reason, it is critically important to properly maintain your system.

Below are five top tips for keeping your commercial air conditioning system in shape. Our biggest tip? Hire commercial air conditioning service professionals to keep an eye on it for you.

1. Make Sure That Your Unit Can Handle Your Needs

Not all air conditioning systems are the same. You must be sure that the one you’re using is sufficient to meet the needs of your business space. Otherwise, you might end up running it too much, causing strain and eventual burnout. Turning the thermostat to a very low setting will cause the unit to overwork and should not be necessary if you have the right unit installed.

This is especially true if your unit was already there when you bought or leased your space. Have professionals assess your needs and give advice on how not to overwork the air conditioning system, or even recommend a replacement.

2. Conduct Routine Maintenance

Make maintenance on your system a priority. Routine maintenance on the air conditioning system should be done twice a year, ideally by professionals. This can not only protect the commercial air conditioning system from breaking down entirely but is also an important preventative hygiene measure. Otherwise, allergens, dirt, bacteria, mould, and other unsavoury elements will circulate in the air that your staff and customers breathe.

If you decide to hire commercial air conditioning service specialists, they will visit regularly and take care of this for you, eliminating one more thing from your to-do list and allowing you to focus that time on growing your business.

3. Replace Filters and Clean Vents

These are critical pieces of routine maintenance, but they’re ones that you can help take care of as well. The filters and vents help keep your air clean, filtering out some of those nasty elements that we mentioned above. They also keep excess dirt out of your air conditioning system itself, which can prevent it from breaking down.

4. Keep the Space Around the Unit Clear

It is very important that wherever your unit is located, the space around it is free from furniture, boxes, and anything else, even when it is located outdoors (and never stack anything on top of the air conditioner). The air conditioning system has both intake and exhaust vents. If they become blocked, the unit can and will overheat. Therefore, make sure that you give the unit literal room to breathe!

Check your manual or manufacturer’s website, but a good rule of thumb is to leave at least 30 centimetres of space around every side.

5. Keep an Eye on Freon Levels

You’ve likely never heard of freon, but it is very important to your air conditioning system. Freon is a non-combustible gas that air conditioners use as a coolant or refrigerant. It is one of the tools that your air conditioner uses to actually cool the air.

In some places, freon is not available for purchase except by professionals, which is one of the biggest reasons to hire a commercial air conditioning service. They can check your levels and replace as needed to make sure that your unit keeps running efficiently.

It’s a Lot of Work As you can see, there is much that goes into maintaining a commercial air conditioning system, especially given how important they are to keeping your business running efficiently. There are some things that you can easily do on your own (such as keeping the space around the unit clear), but much of these steps should be undertaken by a commercial air conditioning service team that knows what they’re doing. Call a professional today and let them take care of the rest.