Top 5 Tips for B Tech Admission 2020 During the Pandemic

Corona pandemic has changed the way we used to live and it has managed to impact all the spheres of our lives, including education. Yes, the academic cycles have changed and the entrance examinations have been postponed which has actually put several students in doubt whether or not they should take admissions this year. Whether it is b tech admission 2020 or medical admissions, all students are unsure as to what might happen next and how things are supposed to proceed in the near future. There are students who were aiming to get admission into B.Tech in Civil Engineering or Computer Science but they are unsure how the academic year will start and what change would the processes undergo. Thus, we share some tips to help you out. 

Ask for information

When you know there can be no college or campus visit, it is time for YouTube take advantage of the digital mediums. Go for understanding how you can get more information about the college or university for your B Tech admission 2020. You can ask for e-brochures, reports and even a virtual tour of the campus to know more and get the feel of the college you are interested in. Do not worry; the admissions team would be more than happy to help you out. 

Check out virtual classes from the college/university

Some of the universities or colleges have already put out their e-learning material as a sample to showcase how they are planning to beat the COVID scenario. You will have online classes and lectures happening, with practical experiments being shown as well. Check out to know how well their faculty members can teach and make you understand the concepts even from home. 

Talk to alumni

There is no better way to know a college than to ask someone who has been a part of it for years. This is the reason why we advise you to talk to alumni and ask more about the college and their experience in it. This will not only tell you about the infrastructure, the facilities but also about faculty members, the rules, the opportunities and many other things that reports would never talk about. 

Use your board exam results to the advantage

When you have your board exam results to support you, who worry about the entrance exams? There are several colleges and universities which are accepting board exam results for applications and admissions. Leverage that to secure an early admission to avoid confusions at a later stage. 

Attend webinars to know more about what’s next

Universities and colleges are organizing online webinars and events to help you know how they are planning to start amidst the global pandemic. Attend such webinars, ask questions and get to know more about the admission process changes being introduced. 

Whether you want to go for B.Tech in civil engineering or computer science, the change is inevitable. Embrace and adapt to secure your admission to avoid wasting an academic year while waiting around.