Top 5 Engineering Job Roles to Watch Out in 2021

Most jobs are likely to become automated by 2030, but the good news is, you can still rely on certain job roles that will remain employable in the foreseeable future. Let’s have a look at the jobs you might like to get into in 2021.

1.Cloud infrastructure engineers

As organizations undergo digital transformation, technology, and skills such as cloud database (Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure), specialist cloud infrastructure (Salesforce, SharePoint, and cloud infrastructure are skyrocketing.

Not to mention, the global market for cloud engineering is predicted to grow to USD 13.43 billion by 2022 from USD 4.20 billion in 2016, says Markets and Markets research. We’ve all seen how businesses have drastically shifted to the cloud in an attempt to reduce the impact caused by COVID-19 on businesses. So, we can clearly say how organizations have taken the opportunity to realign business post-pandemic.

As a result, cloud engineers will be more in demand as organizations look to delve deeper into the digital world. Therefore, opting for a career in cloud infrastructure is perhaps a good choice.

2.AI engineers/ML engineers

AI and machine learning jobs are booming as high-performance technologies have become increasingly important in recent times. From smart voice assistants to self-driving, these technologies will not cease any time soon. More so, these technologies are becoming a significant part of our daily lives. Needless to say, these revolutions have now led to the significant growth of AI engineers and machine learning engineers.

According to research, about 77 percent of the devices have some form of AI built in them. Besides smart assistants, we also have smart devices that use recommendation systems like Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon Prime.

Despite being the technology that is in trend, most organizations that have adopted AI or machine learning are yet to fully understand the concept. As a matter of fact, according to Forbes, around 40 percent of the companies in Europe who claim to be AI startups do not actually use the technology.

As the growth keeps expanding and technologies become more evident among organizations, it is evident that these organizations will need to step up and hire candidates with the latest and updated skills. A KPMG report predicts that the growth for AI engineers, professionals, and machine learning experts is likely to increase in the next year by 50 to 100 percent from 2019 to 2021.

3.Data science engineers/scientists

Data is ubiquitous and most certainly organizations will always be in dire need of data scientists or engineers with relevant skillsets. More so, almost every organization is seeking new ways to take advantage of the data the company generates. Deemed as one of the most trending careers of the century, a data science professional can earn up to €99,105 per annum in the U.S… And if you’re equipped with other skills such as big data, your salary is likely to increase by 25 percent.  

Whereas, a data scientist with machine learning skills is likely to earn an average salary of €92,098 per annum. Also, machine learning skills in combination with Python programming can do wonders, and if you’re lucky you might just probably earn a salary of about €120,282 per annum. Additional skills were always an added advantage to your portfolio and could help you land a job at a great firm. A candidate will data science, machine learning, and AI skill is a complete package for employers. So, if you’re interested in making a head start, probably early an online data science certification, machine learning certification, or AI certification might help.

4.Software engineers

Software engineers will always remain at an all-time high. Companies will look for new products to be developed or launched and to get the work done, they would certainly need software engineers to do the job.

Despite the growth in demand, the world still faces a dearth of talent in the engineering field. Perhaps this is one of the major reasons why tech professionals are now more inclined into upskilling or reskilling using online certification courses.

The opportunity is huge for software developers/engineers with fluency in programming languages like Java and Python and continued growth in front-end, back-end, and full-stack. Areas such as Scala, Go, Ruby, Kotlin, API, and TypeScript have drastically grown over the past years.

5.DevOps and site reliability engineers

A LinkedIn report, Emerging Jobs 2020 positioned DevOps and site reliability engineers among one of the top ten in-demand jobs with an annual growth of 34 percent. The skills that are unique to the job include JavaScript, Angular.JS, Node.JS, React.JS, and CSS.

A site reliability engineer’s job is to incorporate aspects of software engineering and apply them to operational problems and infrastructure. Their major goal is to develop highly scalable and reliable distributed software systems.

Software engineering jobs will always remain in-demand. However, to stay relevant and in sync with the industry trends, the candidate will need regular reskilling of skills. Every company out there is a technology company and therefore will always require candidates from the tech field.