Top 10 Low Cost Business Ideas With High Profit

10 profitable small business ideas to explore

After you have examined up the threats of initiating a business in 2021. Therefore, let now discover ten profitable business plans for Pakistan businessmen.

#1: Import-export business

Pakistan is one of the important contestants in the forms of importing and exporting commodities and resources globally. Although, many producers have been affected during the year 2020 and currently could be the best chance to initiate a new Pakistan import and export business. However, the country’s exports are supposed to be hit still by Covid-19.

#2: Textile manufacturer

Pakistan’s textile industry is flourishing despite pandemic influence. Current data has shown that textile cargo has arisen by three point eight billion to four point eight billion US dollars. This remarkable increase is encouraging news for Pakistan business holders focusing on a profitable small business proposal. The more people who operate from home, the more order there will be for cosy lounge war and denim over causal wear.

#3: Plant-based meal provider

Plant-based diets and fruitarian are increasing extensively on a global scale. As per Unilever CEO, the plant-based move is unstoppable. Fruitarian-friendly products such as hemp milk, almond milk, soya milk plant-based meat replacement, and fruitarian candy are all amazing business plans for Pakistani businessmen. Currently, Unilever aims a one point two billion sales target for the plant-based sector for the next few years. Plant-based meal provider is an important milestone in business field. It is such a remarkable idea.

#4: Halal confectionery manufacturer

Demand for Halal confectionery manufacturers is increase across the Pakistan and the rest of the world. The worldwide halal food market extended almost two trillion US dollars last year and is keep on the rise in 2021. Halal confectionery manufacturer assigns to food and drinks that have been manufactured according to religious principles. Halal confectionery manufacturer is game changer idea for entrepreneurs and also gets healthy profit from it.

#5: Henna &mehndi wholesaler

Customers are now observing online for affordable ways to dye their hair and shade their eyebrows. They are also looking to make temporarily tattoo themselves with henna. It is considered a safe way than box hair dye and also a creative one. Specially, Pakistan’s festivals and celebrations and weddings also visit for henna and Mehdi designs. So it is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish their business and develop their customer locally as well as internationally. In this way, they can earn huge profits from this business idea

#6: Leather footwear manufacturer

If anyone from you is considering and establishing a business in Pakistan than high standard leather footwear is the perfect industry for you. However, China and India are huge participants but Pakistan is placed to compete with them. With the help of low cost manufacturing and production along with standards materials easily accessible, there is scope to extend a small leather footwear producer business from Pakistan in 2021. It is perfect way to succeed and boost your business locally and internationally.

#7: Virtual assistant

If you are thinking of a low investment initiate then the world of virtual assistants is an amazing idea to discover. You can organize a team of virtual assistants from a small office or online medium and help give executive assist to users from all over the world. All you need to initiate this type of business is a high-speed safe internet connectivity.

#8: Air quality smart masks

The need for face coverings is compulsory for everyone nowadays due to Covid-19. Environmental problems are increasing day by day around the world and air pollution is an important health issue for city workers.

#9: Herbal medicine manufacturer

Herbal medicine associates treating a large scale of health regards with organic and plant-based remedies. This conventional approach to health care is on the increase with the World Health Organization expressing that the trade-in medicinal plants herbal raw materials and herbal drugs is rising at a yearly growth rate of almost fifteen percent. It has room to grow faster in these fields. 

#10: Sustainable fish farming

Fish farming is a most beneficial and well-organized business in Pakistan. Using the modern advancement in technology, Farmers can utilize high standard fish and seafood without the ammonia affairs currently connected with fish farming. Although it is not a new business idea, it is still highly aimed after in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and India.