Titans TV show: facts and latest updates to know

There is no denying the fact that the Titans tv show is now one of the highest trending TV shows of all time in the US as well as in international charts. After all, what’s not to like about a team of young superheroes and their endeavors, all of which are based on the classic DC Teen Titans franchise. 

If you have been watching Titans, you already know how good the story plot is directed. It goes without saying that the TV series sure has done a great job as a first live-action remake of the classic DC Comics’ Teen Titans. 

There are some of the most interesting facts and latest updates to know about Titans: 

1. International release skyrocketed the popularity

During the initial release, Titans officially reserved for the US region with Titans-HBO max partnership. In other words, only residents based in the United States were able to view Titans on HBO max. And despite the exclusive initial release, The TV show gradually garnered attention and eventually topped charts.

However, the TV show got its first big break when it was released for international audiences on Netflix on January 11, 2019. The availability of Titans on Netflix helped the TV show garner fans from all across the globe and become one of the top-trending TV shows of all time. 

2. Inaccurate promo footages

One of the most interesting and quirky facts about the Titans TV show is its promo footages were inaccurate. The initial promo video showcased actors that were unidentified for the characters Speedy and Beast Boy. And the promo footage did stir a bit of confusion among anxious fans and experts making speculations about the release date of the first season of the TV show. 

3. Initial development plans had failed

The plans to develop the original teen titans comic into a live-action series were in the works way back in 2014. The initial prototype name is used for the project included “Blackbirds” and “Titans.” What’s more interesting to know is that the shooting for the project had already been scheduled in Toronto for summer 2015. 

However, due to several undisclosed reasons, TNT had initially kept the shooting on hold. And it eventually dropped the plan to produce the live-action appearance of the comic. 

4. Cameo appearances of Titans incarnations

Before the initial release of the Titans TV show, fans predicted that the TV show would be set on the Earth 9 world. And this turned out to be pretty true. This is mainly because the TV show’s incarnations have made cameo appearances in the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Arrowverse crossover event. 

5. Impeccable approval and credibility

It’s totally safe to say that the Titans TV show boasts of some of the highest levels of credibility among several other superhero-based TV shows. This mainly has got to do with the critical response that the TV show garnered since its initial release.

The Titans TV show achieved an average of 79% of approval rating under the category ‘certified fresh.’  Among a wide range of critical responses, many iterated the fact that the TV show unfailingly breathed a new life on the classic superhero series from DC comics. The second season of the TV show also achieved a high level of credibility, with the most important one being an 81% approval rating on rotten tomatoes. 

6. Characters depicted differently 

It goes without saying that’s the original characters are acted in a slightly different way in their live-action appearances in many cases. One such character that was detected in a slightly different way in the Titans to be sure is Mercy Graves. 

7. The Titans TV show showcased the Nuclear


Ask any DC comics fan and he or she will tell you that there are several interesting comics that haven’t had appearances outside of the comics world, and one of them is the Nuclear Family. 

Fortunately, the comic did get its first live-action appearance in Justice League Action which releases in 2016. What’s most interesting to know is the Nuclear Family got another live-action appearance in the Titans TV show. 

8. CW characters likely to appear in Titan season 3

When it comes to analyzing the ever-expanding roster of the Titans, there is no denying the fact that reappearances and cameo appearances are a high possibility. What’s most interesting is that experts predict CW showsArrowverse more likely to join the Titans TV show

It is totally safe to assume that the amalgamation between The Titans TV show and CW Arrowverse can be a possibility. This mostly has got to do with the fact that Titans from the original comic have had appearances in CW during the past couple of years.