Tips to select granite countertop supplier

Do you want to redesign the interior of the kitchen countertop? Are you thinking about using granite stone to give stunning, attractive, and beautiful looks to your kitchen?

If yes, you should have purchased granite stones from a reputed and professional granite countertop supplier that has the reputed name in the market and deliver stones material on time. In today’s world, many suppliers are offering granite countertops. But how we can recognize the best countertop supplier, don’t you worry about it, check out these tips to consider when selecting a granite kitchen countertop supplier:

1.      Research on granite countertops suppliers

2.      Get reviews from others:

3.      Measurements

4.      Payment scale:

5.      Get information on stones

6.      Know what you are getting

7.      Don’t waste materials

8.      Visit your local market

9.      Checkup

10.  Choose a standard color

11.  Choose a pre-made granite

12.  Buy from local suppliers

Research on granite countertops suppliers:

Granite kitchen countertops are available everywhere – you’ll find them in department stores, countertop manufacturers, kitchen and design studios, and other countertop material stores. To get the best price, don’t settle for the first suppliers. Take your time, do your research and contact multiple companies. 

Get reviews from others:

Ask friends and family who have recently remodeled the kitchen where they got their countertops. Were they satisfied? If yes, why? If not, why? Get quotes for at least three different prices, then compare. Don’t get sucked into super low prices granite countertop supplier. Must select reasonable prices, not much expensive or not cheap prices.


As with any other part of your home improvement project, you are buying in measurement will save you money. This option will work if you have a large kitchen or plan to make a fireplace around the bathroom countertops with granite.

Payment scale:

Watch the payment scale, most companies will offer you a low price and charge for things like delivery, sink cutout, edges and holes, installation, mask, and sealants. A company that gives you all-inclusive prices is the company to go with it.

Get information on stones:

Most companies do not provide enough information to customers on all granite types, from commercial to premium grades. They should also tell you the imperfections of the stones and not just their size.

Know what you are getting:

Most companies will tell you that the samples are good, but they are not. You should go and see the entire plate with all its natural grain and color.

Don’t waste materials:

To ensure a uniform countertop, you need to purchase the entire slab in one piece. This is a common practice, but it often leaves you with scraps of material. Don’t throw it away! You can use this stone in several ways, covering your backsplashes and the sides of your kitchen island or even as a floor transition between your kitchen and dining room.

Visit your local market:

Do you have a small kitchen? Isn’t color consistency a big deal for you? There is no need to buy premium granite from an over-the-counter shop. Visit the local cemetery and get your counters at a much lower cost. Boneyards are parts of stone courtyards where homeowners can return any leftover flagstones they may have after a project.


If you are worried about a company, ask them questions and look at their reviews, it says a lot about the company and its operations.

Choose a standard color:

Granite countertops are much more affordable these days than before and have a lot to do with manufacturing technology improvements. To save money, choose more affordable colors, such as black and grey. When you want unique colors and patterns, you will spend a lot more.

Choose a pre-made granite:

A pre-made stone has already been cut and polished, ideal for simple countertops that don’t require many cuts. These are available with three finished edges and a glossy surface, and while they look new, they cost around half as much.

Buy from local suppliers:

It’s the best decision to buy from a local supplier. When you buy stone from a large domestic company or a distant supplier, you have to bear the shipping costs. These can get quite steep, especially when they come from a different state. By shopping locally, you don’t have to pay much, if at all, for shipping costs. And when you place a large order, you can get it delivered for free.

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If you are going to remodel your kitchen countertop. Your first concern is, how you can recognize the best granite countertop supplier. After getting proper knowledge and guidance you can achieve it. Best reputable granite suppliers are doing work with reasonable rates. They can give attractive and stunning looks to your kitchen countertops.