Tips to Prevent Snoring


If you tend to snore, you may have heard numerous complaints over the years. It may be coming from your significant other or even flat mates, depending on how loud you are. While it simply may be embarrassing to you, snoring could be a symptom of another medical condition entirely.

One of the unfortunate things about snoring is that you are not even aware that you are doing it. Most snorers sleep comfortably through the night unaware that they are keeping their partner awake. In addition to being quite annoying to your sleeping mate, snoring is usually a sign of an underlying problem. This means that it is in your best interest (as well as your significant other’s) to put an end to the noise. Here are some of the ways that you can do this:

Clear Nasal Passages

One of the most common reasons that you snore is due to blocked nasal passages. If you frequently experience a stuffy nose, you should establish a daily routine to minimize your snoring. One of the things that you can do is to use a Neti pot to clear your nasal passages. Make sure to always use clean, filtrated water with a Neti pot. You can also spray a decongestant or use a salt water spray. Some of these may require a prescription from a physician while others can be bought over the counter. You should also keep your bedroom free of dust or any other irritants to prevent your nose from getting blocked in the first place.

Sleep Differently

Sometimes, changing the way and the position that you sleep in can also help clear up the problem. One of the things that you can try is to elevate your head with pillows. Ideally, you should try to keep your head about four inches above your bed. This will help to ensure that your mouth and jaw moves forward as well. To prevent your neck from hurting, there are special pillows that you can purchase especially for this purpose. Do you tend to sleep on your back? Well, then you may want to switch up positions. You should try sleeping on your side instead. Of course, this can seem easier said than done. Try placing an uncomfortable object that will interact with your spine if you sleep on your back. This will cause you to automatically sleep on your side. You will soon get used to this position and will not need the object anymore.

Use Nasal Strips

There are many types of strips that you can get from the pharmacy. In particular, you should try theravent. This is because it is a highly effective treatment for snorers. Regardless whether your snores are soft or earth shattering, you will be able to find the right strip for you. Use it as instructed and you will find you and your partner sleeping much more soundly. Ask your doctor if this is the right treatment for your problem if you are unsure.

If these techniques fail to work, it is important to seek the help of a physician. As mentioned, snoring can be indicative of an underlying problem. If continues with the same intensity, you should definitely seek the appropriate medical attention.