How To Make A Hand Sanitizer

The outbreak and rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, also known as nCoVid19, has taken a heavy toll on the entire world. Many countries have been put under total lockdown in an effort to lower the spread of the highly-contagious virus. Doing this will, in turn, help lower new infection cases and death rates.

Many of the leading pharmaceutical companies across the world are on a race to develop a vaccine or treatment for the virus. As of now, the WHO (World Health Organization) has addressed the world to practice proper hygiene to lower the risk of contracting as well as spreading the novel coronavirus. And this has led to a huge demand in hand sanitizers, and antibacterial hand washes and soaps.

It’s very likely that you may not find hand sanitizers in both online and offline stores. And even if you find one, you may be surprised by the surges in price. So, what do you do in order to practice good hygiene in times of crisis? Simple, make your own hand sanitizer. Yes, you read that right; you can make your own hand sanitizer at home. The best part is, you don’t need plenty of ingredients and just a few of the important ones will help you get the job done.

Here are the easy steps to make your own hand sanitizer at home:

Collect all the basic ingredients

Keeping the basic importance of using a hand sanitizer in prioritiy, and that is to kill the germs and bacteria in your hand, you need to use basic ingredient to make a usable hand sanitizer. The basic ingredients include isopropyl alcohol and aloe vera gel.

You can get your hands on a bottle of medically-certified iso propyl alcohol from any medical store/pharmacy. It’s important to make sure that the aloe vera gel that you buy has a natural formulation. Ensuring this will help you lower the risk of skin allergies and/or infections.

Mix them together in the right proportion

What do all commercially-available hand sanitizers have in common? It’s the right mix of the key ingredients. When preparing hand sanitizer at home, it’s important to make sure you mix the ingredients in the right proportions.

How to make sanitizer at home using WHO formula
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For the hand sanitizer (that you prepare) to be effective, mix two full cups of iso propyl alcohol with 1 full cup of aloe vera gel. Mix the two ingredients in a big bowl. If iso propyl alcohol is out of stock in medical stores near your location, you can use vodka as an alternative. Make sure that the vodka you choose has a high alcohol concentration. Add a bit of soothing fragrance
With just the two ingredients, your hand sanitizer will have a harsh, unpleasant smell. In order to combat that, you can add few drops of any essential oil such as jasmine or lavendour oil. Doing this will help you make sure that the hand sanitizer you prepare goes easy on your hands as well as eyes.

Store the sanitizer in a spray bottle

The best way to make use of the hand sanitizer you prepare is to keep it in a spray bottle. With a compact hand sanitizer spray bottle in your pocket, it becomes easy for you to practice good hygiene at all times. This, in turn, helps you lower your risk of contracting the novel coronavirus.

spray bottle

Stay safe indoors

By now, you must have heard multiple leading health organizations adrdessing the general public to stay at home as much as possible. We encourage you to be a part of this initiative to help curb the spread of the infection.
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By staying indoors, you not just lower your risk of conrracting the virus but also help keep the risk at bay for other people. Stay indoors and stay safe.