Tips to Follow When Applying for a Scholarship in Singapore

If you’re looking to get financial aid for your child, there are plenty of educational grants that you can try out for. GIIS Singapore offers a range of options  – some are geared more towards students with talents in sports, the visual and performing arts, and some are even awarded for scientific temperament. Regardless of your child’s talents, skills, and record, you’ll find a grant that’s a good match.


 If you’re serious about sending an application for the 9 GEMS scholarships in Singapore, for instance, though, you’ll need to be ready. Here’s some helpful advice on what you need to know when applying for a scholarship in Singapore. 


Do Your Homework 


Find out as much as you can about the scholarship. What are the essentials like the requirements and the deadlines? Is your child eligible for the grant? That’s one of the first details you’ll need to figure out before you delve any deeper. That way, if you’re not eligible, you wouldn’t have wasted your time researching the scholarship in depth. You can use your time to move on to other options. 


Consider the Requirements


How long will it take you to gather those requirements and put together an application portfolio? Some requirements, like a recommendation from your child’s current teacher, might take you longer to procure. You’ll want to keep that in mind, which means it’s best if you start preparing and putting together that kit as soon as possible. 


Fix Your Portfolio


If you already have your eye on the 9GEMs scholarship for your child, then use your time wisely. Help your child build up the extracurricular record. Join clubs. Play sports. Panels love it when their applicants are well-rounded. Having a hobby or life outside of academics, or playing sports, means that your child has a lot of opportunities for developing emotional and mental well-being. That’s in their favour. 


Don’t Let Anxiety Win 


Scholarships at private schools in Singapore offer a ton of wonderful opportunities. Your children will have access to resources that they wouldn’t have otherwise. You get to save on tuition costs and fees. You have an amazing opportunity to help your child get the training and experience they need so that by the time they graduate from high school, they will find it easier to apply and get accepted at the college of their choice. Having this scholarship on record will definitely increase the chances of getting the grant. 


Meet the Deadlines 


If you’re like most other parents, then you probably sent an application to more than one scholarship. That’s good. The more submissions you have, the more chances you get of getting a grant. However, that also means you’ll need to keep track of a lot of deadlines. Make sure those deadlines are met. The last thing you want is to send out so many submissions only to send some or most of them late. That will get your child’s submission disqualified right away. Keep track of the deadlines and send your application by or before that deadline so all your submissions get accepted. 


Do a Timeline 


You’ll have an easier time managing your schedule if you put together a timeline of deadlines and events. Set early deadlines for the programmes you want to send an application to. A timeline also lets you know, with one glance, if you’re behind on some of the tasks you need to get done for the applications or if you’re just on schedule. That way, you’ll know if you need to adjust and pick up the pace. 


Don’t Rush Them 


Most programmes will ask you to get a recommendation letter or two. Remember, though, that when you ask your child’s teachers or mentors, you’ll want to do it weeks ahead. Give them anywhere from two weeks to a month to work on the letter. That’s because they’re busy. They have lives to lead, too. Don’t think that just because a letter is short, they can whip that up in a day or two. Give them ample time to work on it because they might want to take their time going over their words. They will want to spend time thinking about the instances they want to highlight to ensure the best advantage for your child. It is important that you don’t rush them. Also, keep in mind that you’re only asking for a favour. 


Ask your child to Write a Great Essay


This is applicable for children who are old enough to write and submit a great essay. Make sure they are not writing the same essay for different applications. Think about the target applicants for the programme. Read about the programme, determine the values that the panel will want to see in its applicants, and think about instances or anecdotes to mention throughout your application that show them how much the same values are important to your family. Be sure to proofread your work, though, to eliminate any errors that could derail your submission application.