Tips to Decorate Your Kitchen in Style

If you plan to decorate your kitchen, there are different types of design. One of them is the industrial style which was born in the ’50s when they used abandoned factories to live.


That is why industrial kitchens give the feeling of being in a half-finished worker construction, but that gives a natural elegance to your kitchen or the part you are decorating.


Many contemporary coffee shops are adapting this style due to its urban and modern aesthetic; so your kitchen will be magnificent with this decoration full of pipes, brick, and wood.


Characteristics of the industrial kitchen


The main characteristic of this design is to reveal the natural construction: pipes, beams, electrical installations, and finishes without refinement. This will give you a classy factory look that you will love.


Wood and brick is an essential material, especially those that look worn. You can use them on furniture, floors or walls; even on the roof. The combination of concrete with metal beams, pipes, or lamps will give a warm and cozy look.


The most important thing is to use metal in an industrial kitchen. Not only with the pipes or beams, we achieve this perfect combination, you can also leave the water installations bare or use chairs, tables, and appliances that give this appearance.


As for the colors, gray, black, brown, and white are the ones that predominate. You can even use shades of steel or even rust.


Most of the furniture should be straight, with lines and without much frills. The cupboards and cabinets are open to simulate pipes, but you can add opaque glass to create the grayish atmosphere characteristic of industrial design.


Make sure the lamps are made of metal or glass, they will give it a luminous appearance in contrast to the black and gray of the pipes.


Industrial-style kitchens are neat, simple, and with a lot of personalities. Its simplicity and naturalness will look excellent in your kitchen, whether it is large or small.


Of the areas of our house, the kitchen is the one that requires the most care, because it is often dirty and therefore must be cleaned constantly. In the market, you can find a variety of integral kitchens; Likewise, you can find an incredible range of decorative elements for your kitchen, achieving rustic or modern touches, according to your taste. Visit big kitchen ideas to get tips to decorate your kitchen in style.


Next, we will introduce you to those things that you should take into account when decorating your kitchen, so that you can create a pleasant and comfortable environment for you and your family.


  • A good choice of furniture: If your kitchen is a bit worn by years of use, it is good that you are thinking about renovating all or at least part of your kitchen furniture, not only for modernity but for hygiene; In this way, you will achieve a great touch of freshness, cleanliness, and comfort.
  • Light tones: They are ideal to fill your kitchen with luminosity and make it look more spacious; They are also easy colors to combine when you want to implement a decorative element.
  • Stainless steel appliances and implements: It is essential that in your kitchen, you have implements and electrical appliances of this type of material, as they will act as mirrors, giving an appearance of spaciousness; and in addition to this, they will allow excellent hygiene in this area of ​​the house.
  • Good lighting: Your kitchen must have exterior windows that provide correct natural lighting throughout the day; If you do not have them, install clear and powerful light bulbs at the same time, which provide the necessary lighting, especially in that food preparation and cooking areas.
  • Plants: Without a doubt, plants are channels of good energy; For this reason, you should decorate your kitchen with the kind of plant that you like the most and take the opportunity to combine the colors; If you prefer another idea, you can place in a certain place, the herbs with which you usually cook frequently, such as a bay leaf, thyme, oregano, among others; you will surely give a natural touch to your kitchen.
  • Time of the year: If you are at Christmas time, Halloween, love, and friendship, or another month of the year, in particular, you can take the opportunity to play with your creativity and place decorative elements that refer to these dates; Thus, you will make your kitchen pleasant and become the place of your choice.
  • Order and cleanliness: You may have beautiful appliances and a fantastic decoration, but if the kitchen does not keep order, they will surely see you, messy.