Tips For Creating A Home You & Your Pet Will Love

Many pet owners do not get proper solutions when looking for home interior design ideas that focus on the comfort and convenience of their pets. If you are facing the same problem, you have come to the right place as here we show you creative ways to improve your home’s interior and make it a heaven for yourself and your pet.

Don’t go for wall-to-wall carpets

One of the best home interior design ideas centred around your and your pet’s comfort is avoiding wall-to-wall carpets. In case you aren’t aware of, carpets are pet hair magnets; they easily trap pet hair in a short period of time. Apart from attracting pet hair, carpets also absorb odour and pet-related stains. And given the highly-absorbent property of carpets, covering the entire flooring of your rooms with carpet is a bad idea.

However, if you like the idea of having carpet on your floor, it’s a good option to choose smaller-sized area carpets/rugs. If they do happen to absorb pet-related stains and odour, you can easily clean them. Another important recommendation that we would like to share is to avoid carpets and rugs that have continuous loops. This is because the toenail of your pet can catch a single open loop which, in turn, can cause the entire loop to unravel.

Keep scratch pads in different rooms

Cats and dogs, especially kittens, occasionally scratch on surfaces in order to sharpen the claws. It can be a bad news for you is they do it on some of your precious carpets, cushions, or bedsheets. To steer clear from such an issue, make sure to keep scratch pads in different rooms.

As part of incorporating pet-friendly home interior decor ideas, keep the scratch pads in the areas of your room and other rooms where your pet frequently spends time in. From bedroom and living room to the kitchen, make sure that you keep scratch pads in every room to avoid the risk of fabrics and furniture damage through pet scratches.

scratch pads

Go for hard surface floors in your living room

When it comes to figuring out how to decorate the living room of your house in a pet-friendly way, there are several solutions. One of the best ways is to go for hard surface flooring. Bare hard surface flooring such as ceramic tile flooring, brick flooring, and terrazzo flooring do not get damaged from pet scratches and pet-related stains.

When choosing flooring for your living room, make sure not to go for wood flooring. Apart from being expensive, wood flooring can get damaged by large dogs as they tend to scratch wood. Ceramic tile flooring is one of the best options to go for as they are toenail-proof. Also, ceramic tile flooring serves as the best place for your pets to cool off during hot summer months.

Create your pet’s personal space

When it comes to keeping a pet or two in your home, it’s a must to dedicate a personal space to them. Many pet owners, specially newbies, find it challenging to choose the right personal space for their pets. However, it is fairly simple; all you have to do is to notice the areas in your home where your pet spends most of the time in. The area can be the corner of your bedroom, the seating area in your living room, or anywhere where he/she feels comfortable.

pets personal space

Once you decide the area where you want to create your pet’s personal space, the second step is to set up his/her stable. Add more comfort to the stable by using soft fabrics. Also, make sure that the stable is not near to electrical outlets in order to ensure safety.

Conceal all electrical cables

One of the best solutions on how to make your home decoration pet-friendly is ways to conceal all the electrical cables in your rooms. Pets, especially cats and dogs, tend to scratch and bite cables. This habit not only damages the cables but also puts them at the risk of electrocution. Therefore, it’s a must to hide all the electrical cables in every room of your house where your pet loves to spend time in. Also, make sure that there are no low-hanging electric cables, bedsheets, and other hangings. This is because pets take great delight in playing with low-hanging things and can end up damaging them.

Vacuum clean your home on a regular basis

Your rooms are bound to get dirty at shorter periods of time if you have one or more pets in your home. Therefore, this makes it a must for you to clean your home on a regular basis to avoid piling up of pet hair, pet chewables, and other toys. And one of the best ways to clean your home when you have a pet is to use a vacuum cleaner. The appliance makes it easy for you to reach for even the farthest corners of your room which you normally wouldn’t have been able to.

vaccum cleaner

Another biggest advantage of using a vacuum cleaner is the appliance works wonders in cleaning up pet hair from all types of surfaces which, otherwise, can be a major challenge for you. This is especially true if you have to use a cleaning brush to get rid of your pet’s hair from carpets, sofa, and cushioned seats.

Use more bright colours

One of the trending modern house interior design ideas focused towards pets to use bright colours in your rooms. Colours have a psychological effect not just on us but on pets as well. And as you would guess, bright colours work wonders in elevating your pet’s mood and keeping them happy and energised at all times.

You can use bright colours such as yellow, red, green, orange, pink, teal, and saffron. Apart from creating a bright sanctuary for your pet, using these types of bright colours also help you create a positive and cheerful look in your rooms.

Over to you

We hope our simple, effective, and cheap home decor ideas for pet-friendly rooms were helpful to you. We recommend further improving the tips we have shared with your own ideas and create rooms in your home that you and your pet will love.