7 Things To Know When Buying Shoes Online

Shoe lovers know that shopping for shoes is a touch-and-try experience. Sure, the experience of shopping for shoes in physical stores is amazing. However, it may not always be feasible for you to visit a shoe store or when you visit one, you may not find plenty of options. So what do you do? The simple answer is online shopping.

It comes as no surprise that there are plenty of online stores that have a vast collection of different types of shoes, including fabulous shoes, in-trend shoes, quirky shoes, and cultures-specific shoes. By taking a virtual tour of some of the best online shoe stores, it’s a guarantee that you won’t run out of options and that you will discover plenty of new favourites.

To make your experience of shopping shoes online a smooth-sailing one, check out these 10 handy tips listed below:

Choose from recognised brands

One of the most important factors to prioritise my shopping shoes online is to choose from recognised shoe brands. This is because unrecognised brands that offer affordable choices often use subpar materials to cut down the manufacturing costs. As such, the shoes may look good but aren’t usually of high-quality. Such affordable shoes do not last long and can wear down or get damaged within 2 to 3 months of regular use.

Therefore, it’s always a good option to choose shoes from recognised, popular brands. High-quality shoes some popular brands are made from using high-quality raw materials such as leather, faux, and rubber. You can get the most out of your investment in branded high-quality shoes as they last for a long period of time.

Check out your options during a sale

If you want to shop shoes from recognised brands but still prefer affordable options, the doors aren’t closed for you. To get the best of prices as well as quality and design, it’s a good step to check out your options during sale offerings. Many online shoe stores offer plenty of sales on a monthly or weekly basis.

The best sales are the ones that take place during major events such as Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Many e-commerce stores also offer splurge-worthy offers and sales on a regular basis. Also, many online shoe stores and e-commerce stores provide customers with the option of wishlisting shoes 1 to 2 days for the sale and/or offer starts.

Know your foot measurements

Shopping shoes online is similar to shopping for new furniture items. It’s important to know your proper size requirement in order to make sure that the product that you receive will fit you just right.

foot measurement

When it comes to clothes and shoes, sizes can differ from one brand to another. And when shopping for shoes online, you obviously don’t have the option of trying the shoes you plan on buying. In such a case, The best option would be to use the sizing chart that is included in the product pages. Take the reference from the sizing chart and measure your feet and choose your options accordingly.

Check out in-trend shoes

It is okay for even the most dedicated shoe lovers to, at times, get stuck in choosing the right pair of shoes online. This can be due to limited or overwhelming options within the category of your preference.

trending sneakers

One simple fix to clear out the confusion or dilemma is to check out the in-trend collection. Many online shoe stores and e-commerce stores have a dedicated category of trending shoe designs and types. You can check out the category in order to explore shoe types and designs you previously thought might not interest you. It can be possible that you may start checking out the trending category in online shoe stores more often in order to explore newer options and broaden your shoe style palette.

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Does the store have a good return/exchange policy?

One of the biggest must-haves for the online shoe stores where you want to shop from is good return/exchange policies. In unfortunate instances, you may not like the shoes you just bought online and want to return them or exchange them with other designs. This is the reason why it’s important to go through the return and exchange policies of the online shoe stores where you want to shop from.

Reputed online shoe stores and e-commerce stores have good return and exchange policies. Such online stores make the process of returning or exchanging shoes a hassle-free experience.

Check reviews from other customers

When shopping for shoes online, many people become doubtful regarding product quality, fitting, and durability. And there is nothing wrong in it as concerned customers are the best consumers. If you have gone or are going through the same experience, one of the easiest ways to clear your doubt is to check reviews that other customers have posted about the shoe that you want to buy.


By going through all the customers’ reviews, you can get a clear idea as to whether or not the product will be the right choice for you. This, in turn, will help you make a well-informed decision and get the best value out of the money that you have spent.

Prioritise comfort

It is common for many people to completely overlook comfort when shopping for shoes, especially when shopping for trendy and fabulous shoes online. As much as you focus on choosing the design and shoe type that best suits you, it is also important for you to prioritise comfort. After all, fashion is only cool when comfort is at its best.

Regardless of the type and design of the shoes you choose online, it’s important to make sure that they are comfortable on your feet. Choosing the right fit, right heel preference, and the right materials will help you take the comfort level of your shoe styling to the max. Lastly, it goes without saying that you can best nail your overall ensemble when you have the support of a comfortable pair of shoes.