Things to ask a divorce attorney in Birmingham

Getting divorced in Alabama is comparatively easier than in many other states. The waiting time here is just 30 days, and that’s the minimum time you need to finalize the divorce. In the real world, couples rarely agree on the key marital disputes immediately, which is often why divorces drag for months or years. Hiring a divorce attorney in Birmingham is your best bet for simplifying the divorce. In this post, we are sharing some key questions you must ask when meeting a lawyer for the first time. 

  1. How long have you been practicing in Birmingham? For divorce attorneys, experience is everything. Experienced attorneys have seen it all – couples looking to resolve their issues to those who want to fight a lengthy battle to prove a point. When you hire an attorney, ensure that they have the knowledge and expertise to deal with your divorce. Ask them if they have seen similar divorces in the past and had resolved the matters. 
  2. Will you work on my divorce personally? Many divorce attorneys may work for the same law firm, and it is important to check if the attorney is going to stay involved. The attorney you meet may end up assigning the case to an associate, which is not a bad thing, but in all circumstances, you should have access to your attorney. 
  3. What can you do to expedite the divorce? In your best interests, you should try to resolve the divorce at the earliest. If there are aspects like child support, child custody, and alimony involved, ask the lawyer about their approach to resolving these issues. A good divorce attorney is someone who will explain the best things you can do to minimize the hassles. 
  4. How much would you charge? Depending on the type of divorce, lawyers can charge a fixed fee or an hourly rate. If yours is an uncontested divorce, where you and your spouse can amicably resolve the key issues, you wouldn’t have to pay anything beyond the fixed fee. Ask the lawyer about the other expected expenses of the case. 
  5. What is the divorce process like? A good lawyer is someone who will explain your rights and ensure that you know everything about the divorce laws and other key matters. However, ask the lawyer about the timeline and other details when you meet. 

You can shortlist divorce attorneys in your area in Birmingham through an online search or ask around for references.