TheWiSpy Android Mobile Parental Control & Monitoring Program

The parental controls allow parents to control and monitor their children's digital behaviour and

make them understand the importance of screen limits. There are numerous mobile parental control

and monitoring apps readily available, from which we have reviewed the top-notch mobile spy

applications TheWiSpy. The application is meant for parents to supervise children's mobile phone

pursuits and remotely control certain devices' functionalities. It enables parents to keep tabs on

their children's electronic world and protect them from predators, bullies, scammers, online crimes,

and sexually explicit things. Try Know


How Can Monitoring Software Work?


To begin with, you want to join the cellular parental control apps to get it installed on your kid's

Android mobile phone. After the installation, the program instantly gets triggered. It fetches the

data stored on the monitored Android device's hard disk drive, such as the photographs, emails, text

and instant messages, and contacts. The app uploads the information to TOS account from where

parents may track the phone data and send orders to remotely operate their children' mobile


What are the Features?

The Android tracking app supplies a large selection of qualities to supervise the tracked cell phone

activities. Keep reading to know the core features of the TheWiSpy Android program for spying.


Monitor Messages


Do you know what sort of messages that your children are exchanging with peers? There is no need

to get their phones to view their messages since the Android parental management program allows

you to read the text and instant messages received and sent by your children right on the TOS


account. You can log into that account and see the message content and the sender and recipient's

phone number.


Harness Phone Calls


The cell surveillance program allows you to hear the calls of your children through the call recording

feature. The app automatically displays your kids inward, and outward calls and uploads the listed

calls on the TOS accounts, from where you can listen to these calls and see the contact info of

recipients and callers.


Streamline Your Process With Document Automation

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Phone Interception


As well as call recording, the spy app offers the feature of call interception. If you learn that your

child is getting threatening phone calls out of a bully or communication with a child predator, then

you can block incoming calls from these scoundrels.


The GPS location tracking feature enables parents to stay informed of the whereabouts of kids. It

lets you know the precise current location of your offspring and also shows their history.




You can mark a lot of locations to create a digital boundary around your kids. The spy program offers

geofencing to prevent your kid from entering unsafe zones. If your kid enters the harmful marked

place, the spy app notifies you about your kid's entry and exit.


Surround monitoring is among the most advanced features of the Android tracking app. You can

keep your eye on the environment of your child when he is away from your home. Regardless of

wherever your kid is, and whatsoever he's performing, you can see where he is and what he's doing.

The spy program lets you control your child's a cell phone camera and microphone, so that you may

see and listen to your own surroundings. You can remotely send a command to the monitored

Android phone to capture images or record short videos or record surrounding voices and sounds.


The parental control app lets you monitor the net activities of your children. You can see the sites

your kids are spending some time on and the time to go to these sites. This feature lets you ensure

that your tees are not visiting objectionable or age-inappropriate sites. On the other hand, the

program doesn't provide website blocking around the Android phone.


The photographs saved on the mobile phone of your kid get uploaded into the parental control app

account. It is possible to observe the photos, videos remotely, and audios deleted and hidden in the

targeted phone and download them.


Like messages, you can track the emails your children sent and received via their Gmail accounts.

The parental control program lets you browse the mails' content and see the email disseminator and

receiver's email address.




The strokes applied to your kids' Android phone's on-screen keyboard could be stored with the

mobile monitoring program. Parents may use these keystrokes to log in to the internet accounts of

the children.


Control Apps


The Android tracking app allows parents to control the cellular programs installed on their kids'

phones. They can remotely run these programs and block or uninstall the unwanted or age-

inappropriate programs.

Lock & Unlock Phone

The app allows parents to control the targeted Android phone remotely. They can remotely lock the

phone in the event of loss or theft to prevent the burglar from accessing the device's data.


Manage Phonebook


It's possible to see the contacts saved on your child's Android phone, for example, name, phone

number, and other pertinent information of the contact. The spy program allows you to add new

amounts and delete unwanted numbers from the phone without accessing them.




Of the parental control app presently available TheWiSpy mobile phone spying is a reliable and

feature-rich application. It monitors the internet use of children and monitors their activities in the

real and online world.