The Usage of Marble Countertops in All The Times

Marble is a precious stone. An artistic rock due to the waxy transparency of the stone. White marble countertops have especial love both for its tactile similarities to human skin and because it is soft when first removed and then hardens over time. In this article, we will examine the trajectory of marble and how this fine stone has been made available to us in the form of marble countertops.


Marble columns are very strong. In ancient Greece, Pentelic marble, a fine-grain, gold-color stone, was mine from Mount. Which adorn the front of the Parthenon were Pentelic marble.

Ancient sculpture

The ancient Greek’s white marble countertops were used for their architecture and bronze for their art. The quality of these Greek works attracts other cultures. During the time of Roman rule, the Romans have cast bronze sculptures for the precious metal and made copies of the original works in marble.


In the 15th century, the revival of classical marble carving resulted in some of the most famous marble sculptures of all time. Michelangelo’s David and Pietà are some of the best examples. They were mined from the Carrara hills in Tuscany.

The Taj Mahal

Mughal architecture, a combination of Persian and Islamic styles, is best represented by this building. Its white marble dome is one of the most recognized structures in the world.

Baroque and later

Bernini was cool enough to be called Michelangelo’s successor. He is most famous for his masterful baroque Apollo and Daphne and another more active David, with a fine marble sling. In the 19th century, marble was the preferred medium for most tall sculpture. Rodin’s kiss was originally sculpted in marble.

Marble countertops

Today, marble is widely used in kitchen and bathroom white marble countertops. There are vast quarries of marble in Georgia, Colorado, and Tennessee and have allowed many homes to incorporate this precious stone into their kitchen décor. In essence, this decorative stone works much like the garden sculptures produced for the wealthy in ancient times. Still a symbol of refinement, marble is more accessible today than ever.

As you can see, granite countertops in Virginia have been used to create some of the best works of art in history. From Ancient Greece to your kitchen remodel, marble has always been prized as the stone for its soft and warm texture. Having a white marble countertop is a great way to add a touch of three thousand years of tradition to your home.

Luxury and beauty

A warm and soft marble is beautiful and luxurious. Marble is durable and long-lasting, offering subtle color options and grain patterns to create unique designs. Like other natural stones, marble can be an expensive option. It is often used in specific areas of a room rather than on all surfaces. Marble is waterproof and heat resistant, but it requires regular maintenance.

Marble is the best result of the metamorphism of carbonate rocks, either dolomites or limestones.

The process causes total recrystallization of the real granite countertops in Virginia. Marble comes in many varieties of colors like white, gray, black, pink, green, and brown. It is a naturally decorative material distinguish by its vein-shaped patterns.

The differences between marble and granite

Although both natural stones like marble and granite have many different qualities that must be considered when it comes to countertop surfaces. The density and hardness of granite make it resistant to scratches, acids, stains, and heat. The density of marble makes it more vulnerable to such damage but allows more detailed designs to be carved into the stone.

Due to the weaker structure of marble, it is used for more delicate items like vases and mantels or designs in bathrooms. Marble is best when using in low traffic areas because it is smoother and porous than granite. This beauty of marble can still be enjoyed despite its sensitivity; it just takes a little more finesse.

While granite is used for entire rooms, marble is generally not, but can easily be incorporated into a room. Advances are available to protect marble surfaces, such as new treatments from removing cracks in marble that not exist in the past. New sealants can also better protect the marble.

Marble maintenance

Although not the best for frequently used countertops, marble is a unique option that adds a sophisticated look. When in doubt about the strength of marble, it is safe to use it on an island or recessed in a baking center.


Marble countertops and tables are easily stained by acidic foods like fruit, ketchup, coffee, and wine. Blot, don’t wipe any spills immediately, then wipe up with mild soap and hot water. Don’t place hot pans directly on the marble. And put a mat or pad between the marble and anything that can scratch it, like a frying pan or utensils.