The Secret Facts about Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses might help us to have a clearer vision, especially if we suffer from a vision problem (nearsightedness, farsightedness, blurred vision, or age-related loss of close-up vision). Yet do we have to know all information that relates to the contact lenses?

Before searching for more information about contact lenses online, here are the secret facts that we should know about contact lenses.

History about Contact Lenses

The idea of contact lenses came in 1508 when Leonardo da Vinci suggested about lenses consist of water that can fit into someone’s cornea. Many years later, the realization of the idea came through a long process. An article told there was a conflicting report on the time contact lenses’ idea had come into reality. And over the years, there are many types of contact lenses that have been invented.

Types of Contact Lenses

As being told before, people have invented many types of contact lenses we can find. First of all, there are contact lenses based on hydrogel called soft lenses, Acuvue contact lenses and silicone hydrogel lenses. Second, there are contact lenses that using gas inside the lenses called gas permeable lenses and hybrid contact lenses. Third, there is a contact lens made of polymethyl methacrylate called PMMA lenses.

Reasons We Need to Be Careful With Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are fragile which not able to be fixed if the lenses are broken. Therefore, we must put more attention whenever we are cleaning the contact lenses. However, we can’t just clean the lenses while we are in a sink or soak the lenses into a glass of water. The only way to clean the lenses is to put the lenses into a case consist of a contact lens cleaner.

We need to remember to be careful with the contact lens case. It is because the case is the right place to keep the contact lenses every time we took them off. Moreover, cleaner contact lenses case will not harm the lenses. Contact lenses are supposed to be avoided with any kind of dust that can harm our eyeballs if we are wearing the lenses.

To break our eyes from contact lenses usage, we can use glasses in our daily life.

Although we have cleaned our contact lenses every day, we need to change them once the lenses are not comfortable to be worn anymore.  We can purchase the contact lenses online australia or while we are on the optical store.

What Happened When We Are Using Contact Lenses Overnight

We should not forget to remove the contact lenses before going to sleep. The risk we can get into to wear them overnight is many. Our eyes will experience effects such as redness and soreness. If we do this condition, pause the usage of the contact lenses and immediately go to the eye doctor.

Hopefully, the facts about contact lenses in this article may help us in deciding to wear contact lenses and the things we should do while wearing them.