The Perfect Wedding Dress Based on Your Engagement Ring Style

Engagement season is almost here, and a lot of people are hoping to get the perfect ring. It’s time to get out those Pinterest boards and tell your friends to start dropping hints to your partner. Once your partner proposes, the next step is planning the wedding. 


Of course, you need to match your ring style with your dream gown for your big day. Finding the right wedding gown is the same as finding the right partner. It should be a unique, one-of-a-kind-gown, meant just for you on your big day. 


Engagement Ring Shapes 


The wedding ring cut can make a lot of difference when you are looking for an engagement ring. Remember, every ring has its special sparkle, so you need to take time to find the best one for you. 


1. Classic Round Cut


All brides-to-be love a classic clean round cut. It comes in a round shape that reflects the perfect amount of light and is always fashionable. A classic round cut blends perfectly with any type of band or color of the metal. As such, your ring will radiate with shine and class effortlessly. With such a classic detail, you need your gown to match the classic cut. 


A Val Stefani Style Orion is a classic wedding ball gown that comes with lace and sparkles. It will bring out the best bridal look to keep you dazzling on your big day. It has the most glamorous details and having a classic round cut ring is the best balance to bring out sophistication, elegance, and overall beauty on your wedding day. A round cut engagement ring should be perfectly paired with a timeless ball gown wedding dress. 


2. Princess Cut


If you want to look and feel like a princess on your wedding day, this is the best engagement ring for you. The princess cut comes with a rectangle or square style edge with a unique cross pattern when you view the stone from above. It’s a very popular fancy cut for a diamond ring.


The best wedding dresses NJ to match the royal look is a Val Stefani Style Carina. It is the best fit for royalty on such a huge event with the sparkly princess A-line and unique straps. It comes with a dazzling bodice and a romantic skirt to make you feel like royalty on your big day. A princess-cut is the best fit for a bridal ball gown like this one. You can visit bridal salons NJ to find a nice royalty-type wedding dress for a princess cut ring.


3. Oval Cut


If you want a longer and sophisticated style, the oval cut is an ideal choice. It’s a little different from the classic round cut but it makes your fingers look longer. It has an elongated stone that dazzles in the light effortlessly. Famous ladies like Hailey Bieber and Blake Lively revel in the beauty of this engagement ring style.


Therefore, it’s becoming a huge favorite compared to the classic round shape. It brings out an elegant look for every bride so only the Style Nova wedding dress would be perfect for it. The wedding dress is a shimmering mermaid gown that comes with a sweetheart neckline. It is a trendy and classic wedding gown to make you look sexy and grand as you walk down the aisle. The wedding dress has celestial-inspired star details to bring out an unforgettable sparkle. 


4. Pear Cut


It is also referred to as a teardrop cut. The pear cut is a unique blend of all the various diamond shapes out there. It is designed with a round bottom finish and an elongated top to give you a blended look. When looking at the ring from the top, it brings out an illusion of a larger stone. Sophie Turner, Kaley Cuoco, and Cardi B have adorned the pear cut and so you should.


It is a very bold style that brings out your confidence and should be paired with the Simple Val Stefani Style Cordelia. The dress has a sparkly lace, a mermaid design, and long lace sleeves to match perfectly with the pear cut diamond ring. 


It comes with a daring illusion bodice and long sheer sleeves as well as the elegant Chantilly lace. Wearing the dress and the pear cut ring will make you a stunning bride from every angle.