The Best Home Layouts for Senior Living

The home you grow up in is often the one you’ll keep for life. Many seniors get to the point where they can no longer take care of themselves and need someone else’s assistance. This usually means moving into senior living facilities, which isn’t always easy to adjust to.

Luckily, there are many options when it comes to senior living. Some prefer assisted living communities, where they can still live on their own but receive medical care should it be needed. Others prefer to go full-home into an older adult community that provides nursing care.

Here are five of the best layouts for senior homes.

The Cottage Style Home

This type of senior living home is very popular both for the residents and the staff. The layout consists of a central hub where all activities take place, surrounded by little homes attached. This design allows the residents to have their own private space while still being at easy reach in case of an emergency or needing help locating something.

This is the perfect layout for older adults who still want to live on their own but don’t want to worry about things like cooking and cleaning anymore. They can spend most of their time in the hub, where it’s easy for them to socialize with others. They also have the option of having their meals here or heading out into the community to enjoy a nice meal somewhere else. The homes are cozy but not overly cramped either.

The Monastery Arrangement

Similar to the cottage design above, this type of senior living home also has each resident occupying his own space in the form of a private room. The difference is that these spaces are not attached to each other but instead occupy the entire floor. This makes it feel more like a monastery where everyone has their own private space.

This type of senior living home is perfect if the residents prefer some privacy as they get older and frailer. In addition, people can still socialize with friends and family in the common areas, which tend to be much more spacious than the ones found in cottage homes.

The Guest House

As the name suggests, this layout consists of many individual homes located around a larger community building. The first floor of these buildings usually contains all the shared amenities, such as a kitchen, dining room, and common areas. The next few floors contain private rooms for residents who live there.

This type of senior living home is perfect for those seeking a little more independence as they age but still want to be around other seniors who can lend them a hand if needed. The guest house style is great for families who seek a place where they can visit their loved ones without feeling like they’re disturbing them. If you are interested in senior care, consider taking some aged care courses in Sydney.