Terry Flenory: The Drug Kingpin and Black Mafia Family  

For Terry Flenory, the Covid-19 pandemic proved bliss in disguise. He was released from prison on May 5, 2020. If you keep yourself updated on daily national and international affairs, it is unlikely for you to have missed the name and news. If the name is new to you, it is the right place to know about him.

Birth, Family and Childhood

Terry Flenory’s shot to fame and downfall to ignominy is no less than a fairytale. He was born on January 10, 1972 to Christian parents of African descent, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. His father’s name is Charles Flenory and mother’s name is Lucille Flenory. He has a brother named Demetrius Flenory aka Big Meech and a sister named Nicole Flenory.

According to sources, his birth name is Terry P.O. Lee Flenory and he also goes by the name Southwest T.

Both brothers completed their high school studies. They passed from the same school. After that, they started drug trafficking. They founded a money-laundering organization through which, they made a lot of money. No prize in guessing that this hefty amount came from their illegal business.

Terry Flenory Wife, Kids and Personal Life

Terry Flenory is married and his wife’s name is Tonesa Welch. She is a brand influencer and an executive producer in NotoriousQueens. It is not known if they have children. From his Instagram profile, it can be concluded that Terry loves to spend time with his family. Demetrius Flenory Jr. (Lil Meech) is Terry’s nephew. He is a musical artist and well-known rapper.

Net Worth and Income

Terry made a lot of money through his illegal business and entertainment enterprise. He has a luxury home in US. It is highly speculated that he made $40-50 million USD in his career.

Drug Mafia & Entertainment World

Reports say, when they were in high school, they started selling drugs and later, went on to sire the biggest drug empire in Detroit. Both grew up on the streets in Detroit. After earning huge success in drug trafficking, they decided to venture into the entertainment industry with an intention to make black money white. They established the BMF entertainment brand in the early 2000s and promoted several artists including Young Jeezy, Bleu DaVinci under their hip hop record label.

Before establishing their entertainment entity, the brothers had personal contacts with the likes of Trina, Jay-Z, Shawty Lo. and many other celebrities.

Bleu DaVinci’s album The World is BMF received nominations for some prestigious awards like the Source Award in 2005. BFM came to be known as an ardent supporter of underground hip hop DVD magazines, with the Come Up and S.M.A.C.K being the worthy mentions among them.    

Everything was going smoothly until they were convicted of owning a criminal enterprise that minted more than $270 million. The US Department of Justice has confirmed that BMF (Black Mafia Family) despatched hundreds of kilos of heroines to several distribution hubs including Atlanta and Detroit every month.

About Black Mafia Family

Black Mafia Family or BMF was a drug trafficking and money laundering enterprise in the USA. The organization started its illegal business in 1985 and assumed the name BMF in 2020. Since its coming into being, it has been active till date.

The two brothers, Terry and Demetrius, founded this establishment. With the passage of time, their business grew and in 2020, expanded to several states across the country.

The two brothers mostly used limousines for drug smuggling. The vehicles used to have secret compartments, which were created through modification. Drugs were dumped into these hidden chambers and shipped to the destinations. On return, these compartments used to carry cash that was despatched to the Mexican supplier.

For cocaine distribution, these two brothers set up a well-networked channel through the USA via their Los Angeles based supplier. The duo had their direct links to Mexico for their illegal business.

They used their entertainment business to legitimate their wealth from cocaine business. The record label was a façade to cover their illegal business and connections. 

Two Got Separated, Were Convicted and Imprisoned

The two brothers fell foul with each other. Terry shifted to Los Angles in 2021 and started his own operation there. By that time, relation between two took a worse turn and they were hardly on speaking terms with each other.

A Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) wiretap caught Terry saying that how he was not happy with how his brother used to run the business. He felt Demetrius’ extravagant lifestyle and frequent partying had brought unwanted attention to their business.

The DEA accused the members of the BFM and eventually, it got the Flenory brothers arrested.  They were proven guilty and handed 30-year imprisonment.

The brothers were found guilty of running an illegal business and possessing multiple counts of cocaine, which were meant for distribution. Some hundreds of their aids were arrested with vehicles, home and millions of dollars – all confiscated by the government.

In November, 2007, the brothers pleaded guilty to owning a continuing criminal empire. Each was handed the sentence of 30-year imprisonment by September, 2008.  

Demetrius is supposed to stay in lockup until 2032 but Terry was released a couple of years ago, partly due to his medical condition and secondly, an effort by the Bureau of Prisons to contain the risk of Covid-19 spread in prison.

Terry Lee Flenory was released on the ground of ‘his health’. He urged the court for his release and allowing him to serve the remainder of his sentence in his house. He convinced the court of his intention and planning to live a good life, provided he was given the opportunity. The level of influence he has, Terry could become a voice for those convicted criminals who are repentant for their criminal activities and willing to live life on the right track.

We can hope that Terry Flenory Jr. will, one day, feel proud to say how his/her father encouraged many lives to come back from dark to light.

The other Flenory brother made a similar appeal but it was rejected by the court. His prison record is not very convincing and it shows him still promoting himself as a kingpin. Furthermore, he has landed into trouble for possessing a mobile phone and a weapon and even doing drugs.

TV Shows/Documentaries on the Black Mafia Family

Several TV shows and documentaries are made about the Black Mafia Family. The most recent of them includes 50 Cent’s Starz series, “BMF.” The successful series is a family drama spiced by money laundering/drug dealing, which is actually the BMF story. The show depicts what happened to the BMF Entertainment business and how the brothers promoted several artists through it. When news of Terry’s release spread like wildfire, 50 Cents took to his Insta account to express excitement.

BMF: The Rise and Fall of a Hip-Hop Drug Empire, a documentary about Black Mafia Family organization, was released in 2012. The documentary narrated how the organization actually operated their entertainment business to cover up income from their drug business.

Mara Shalhoup, the senior editor of Creative Loafing, has penned a three-part series that documents the life of the BMF, titled Hip-Hop’s Shadowy Empire. It is considered the first and the most deep insight into the organization. The Rise and Fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family, another book documenting the BFM organization, was published in 2010.