Changes Around the World Due To COVID-19 Outbreak and Effective Solutions

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Almost everyone better has an idea about those changes which has brought up around the world due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Everywhere globally, you will see the destructive environment, and every country on the globe is facing serious financial crises. People are jobless and they do not have new opportunities for jobs. Due to the … Read more

Modern Technology Factors Helping Us to Stay at Home During Pandemic-Here’s How

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As we all are witnessed that the global pandemic situation or coronavirus situation has largely affected the whole world and all other sectors badly which are greatly including its shares to develop the respective world. For the last few months, every country is trying to remove the sign of this disease from their land and … Read more

Why You Should use N95 Mask to Protect from Corona Virus

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A N95 mask is a widely used, shortened term for a respirator with a N95 particulate filter that satisfies the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Indian Standards Institution (ISI), CE, FDA and GMP. In addition, the N95 mask is worn by persons who are routinely exposed to toxic materials. Some jobs are excluded from … Read more

Don’t Let Coronavirus Enter Your Abode: 10 Effective Ways To Disinfect Your Home

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Before COVID-19 took the world by storm, how we manage and clean our homes depends merely on personal choice. We mop the floors only twice a week, make our own chemical-free household products from baking soda and vinegar, and use strong disinfectants once a month for deep cleaning. We let home builders, plumbers, and other … Read more

Coronavirus: Fashion industry’s fallout


The reports have come, coronavirus is negatively affecting several industries and the fashion industry is a part of it. The immediate impact coronavirus has had in the fashion industry is the cancellation of fashion shows in Asia and Europe. Also, many other fashion shows have been postponed from the spring to June. The heavier toll … Read more

Coronavirus brings down the entertainment industry


It’s all over the news! The recent outbreak of the coronavirus in December has negatively affected various industries, including tourism, hospitality, airlines, and import and export. The incident has also taken a toll on the entertainment industry. The effect of the outbreak of the virus was immediately felt in the lucrative Chinese film industry as … Read more