Successful Ways to Convert MOV to MP4 on Mac.

File format conversion is rapidly increasing due to specifications given on various video sharing sites and social accounts. Again, you might have a device that can’t read a certain file format and want to listen to it or watch it. The UniConverter free video converter from Wondershare was developed to help you achieve a format that suits your use.

Though there are many video formats that people use, the most popular ones are MP4 and MOV. The MOV format is useful on Mac computers. It was professionally crafted by Apple Corporation as part of adding uniqueness to their devices.

Though you could be using them today, you could be planning to purchase a Windows device for your kids. If they want to watch the movies on your computer, you will need to Convert MOV to MP4 on Mac. The MP4 format is easily compatible with Windows and hence they can conveniently watch movies from their device. MP4 files can play on most of the existing operating systems. Here are the main ways of converting MOV to MP4 on Mac devices:

1.      Wondershare Free Desktop Video Converter.

There is no doubt that Wondershare has the most outstanding and effective video converter. This desktop software is compatible with Mac and also on Windows PCs. You aren’t charged to use it unless you want to enjoy the advanced features that are only offered at a manageable cost. It has been used by millions of users from different parts of the world. Wondershare Free Video Converter is the most popular free video converter for Mac.

How to Use Wondershare Free Video Converter

a)      Launch the software from your computer desktop.

b)      On the homepage, tap on “Convert” and proceed to “Add Files” and add the MOV video files you want to convert.

c)      Choose MP4 as your preferred output format from the “Convert all files to” option.

d)     Clicking the Convert All button converts MOV video files to MP4 for free.

2.      Wondershare UniConverte

This is the tool to choose if you want a single video converter that is meant to solve all your conversion needs. It is available for Mac and is also compatible with Windows devices. Other than mere video conversion, this version of the video converter comes with an array of advanced settings.

Features of Wondershare UniConverter.

      Video conversion without loss of image quality.

      The video converter is 30 times faster than the standard converters.

      Handles a batch of files for conversion.

      Supports multiple file formats and is compatible with Mac and Windows.

      Downloading YouTube videos and videos from other video-sharing sites.

      An amazing video compressing feature.

      Also comes with an inbuilt video metadata editor, screen recorder, GIF maker, and video compressor.

The video conversion procedure is the same as that in the previous version.

3.      Online UniConverter.

Internet gurus will probably prefer not to fill their computers with downloads. As long as your Mac PC is connected to the internet, you can amazingly convert your MOV videos to MP4. It’s always great for one-time video converters with a few files to convert. Downloading the desktop version could consume more internet than converting one or two files online.

This video converter isn’t limited to MOV and MP4 files. It supports multiple file formats. It can be used to convert videos as well as audio files.

Using Online UniConverter for Mac.

      Load the link on your computer browser.

      Add the MOV files (two at a time) to the conversion list. It 

      Select MP4 from the output format drop-down menu.

      Tab on the Convert button to convert your MOV videos to MP4.


A lot can be said about video file conversion but we have only looked at the most effective Mac video converters. Fortunately, they are also compatible with Windows.

Despite slight differences in these converters, they all help you to convert your MOV files to MP4 format. The fact that Wondershare Free Video Converter converts several files at a go at no cost makes it the best free video recorder for Mac. Read More : Onionplay

The above video converters also allow you to edit the videos you create. The output videos van be can be edited before use. The videos you get can be used on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, or any other social media account you can upload videos.