Stone Sealant | Things to take care of while choosing a stone sealant!

We all are aware of one thing that there are no two natural stones that are the same, it is obvious that the sealant for each one of those natural stones will also vary. There are several factors that one must consider while choosing the right stone sealant. This is what we are going to discuss here. Before you start using the same sealant on every stone surface or end up buying the wrong one, we would recommend that you do your research.

In this blog, we are going to provide you with a few tips that would not just help you in picking the right stone sealant but will also help you make the decision on which sealer is most convenient for the type of your stone.

Factors to consider before selecting a stone sealant

As we have mentioned before, multiple times, there are several factors that come into play while choosing a stone sealant. This is what we are going to mention here in this section.

1. Stain resistance properties – Stain resistance is one of the primary motives of using stone sealants. Before you jump on to buying the first sealant you see in the market, it is pivotal that you do your research to find out if the sealant you are planning to buy has stain resistance properties or not.

2. Slip Resistance properties – Another role of choosing the right stone sealant is to help make the surface slip resistant. If you do your research well, a good stone sealant would also make your surface slip-resistant.

3. Thaw stability – Thaw cycles do have a huge impact especially on outdoor stone surfaces. Luckily, there are several different types of stone sealants in the market that come with thaw stability properties. This, therefore, is another thing to consider while looking for a stone sealant.

4. UV resistance properties – This is for those who are looking for a stone sealant for outdoor use. The UV rays are known to have a bad impact on the health of stone and this is the reason why outdoor hardscaping tends to wither away quickly. Considering that, you must choose the stone sealant that has UV resistance properties.

These are the 4 main properties that a good stone sealant will have. While choosing the sealant for your natural stone surface, it is wise that you understand what is the basic goal that you want your sealant to attain. Whether you want to keep the surface stain-free or want to protect it from sunlight, every purpose will change the choice of sealant you must buy. Luckily, there are a variety of sealants available in the market today that have all the properties mentioned above. So, if you are not into doing so much of the research, you can go safe and buy such a sealant. Another option for you is to hire a professional like Prestige Stone Restoration who will take care of everything for you. Right from selecting the concrete sealer to applying it on your stone surface, they will help you with everything. Therefore, if you don’t trust yourself with the task, it is wise that you choose this option. It is safe and comes with assured results.