Spring Travel Plans and Bed Bugs Prevention Tips You Need to Know

Springtime is here for this year. Also, travel restrictions are finally being lifted as well. This might be just the time for many people to make their travel plans a reality. However, bed bugs prevention should always be a top priority. Bed bugs are easy to take back home with you. They can also annoy you while you are away and even infesting your bed there isn’t too farfetched.

So, how to keep safe from these pesky biters? Well, bed bugs prevention is needed to keep you safe. Hotels and holiday destinations are notorious for having bed bugs. This is where these bugs can attach to your clothing and make their way into your home. Here are some bed bugs prevention tips for this spring’s travel plans you should know:

How Do Bed Bugs Hitch a Ride?

First, it is important to know exactly how bed bugs do what they do exactly. They are typically so small that naked eyes can just not spot them. When they are in a bed, sofa or any other foam type furniture, they can easily move around. The basic route they take is people, their clothing and luggage.

When you sit on a mattress that has bed bugs in it, you can easily carry these buggers with you. They will attach on clothing, your body or your belongings very easily. From there, it becomes easy for these pests to travel anywhere you do. Nothing stopping them from infesting your bed and furniture.

How to Stay Safe While at Your Destination

When leaving your home, be sure to pack bed bugs prevention remedies with you. These will include all the lotions, sprays and scents in luggage that do the job. Also, it is important to take clean clothes with you and keep your luggage free from any bugs as well.

Bed bugs prevention tips also include not transferring bugs to the hotels from your luggage and clothing as well. Sanitize all your belongings when leaving the house. Also, make sure to sanitize everything in close vicinity once your reach the hotel or any other arrangement.

Whenever you go out somewhere, be sure sanitize your clothing when back. The last thing you need while on that lovely spring travel is bed bugs keeping you awake at night. Get rid of these and spend the time happily with the loved one(s) you have gone with.

Luggage Packing for That Flight Back Home

Packing your luggage for the flight back home is very important for bed bugs prevention. When packing your clothing and everything else you brought with you, it is seriously important to not carry any bugs. These little insects find it very easy to attach themselves with clothing or other items.

Sanitize all clothing for bed bugs. Use sprays and other accessories that are proven to kill them. Make sure your handbags, purses and backpacks are safe from these nasty biters as well. Any soft items with foam like material in them that don’t get much sunlight are favorites for these crawlers.

Once these bugs find routes to your property, they will multiply fast. You will find it hard to get rid of them completely. Be sure to contact your pest control Vancouver service providers or any other local ones in case of full-scale infestations.

When You Arrive Back Home

Arriving back home, it is important to make sure bed bugs don’t get transferred over at all. Even if some managed to attach to your clothing/luggage, they must be eliminated before finding home inside your property. This should be made a priority and all carrying items must be sanitized correctly upon arrival.

Make sure no clothing or belongings enter the home without being sanitized and cleaned out properly. Bugs only need a short moment to transfer over to new surfaces. If they do manage to land on your couch, bed or other furniture items, you will surely get large scale problems.

This may sound cumbersome. But, when you look at it, all that effort will be worth it. Bed bugs prevention is all about stopping these buggers from entering your property. If you do get full-scale infestations, you will need professional pest control langley or any other local services for removal.

Final Thoughts

Bed bugs are serious problems on a higher level of annoyance for home and property owners. Once they find ways in your property, it gets very hard to remove them completely. Bed bugs prevention should always be a top priority. People, when go on travel plans, can carry them back to the home not knowing.


It is very important to keep all your clothing and luggage free from bed bugs at all times. Make sure to sanitize everything while you are on your dream holiday and also when you arrive back home. It is important to get rid of any bed bugs before they can find new homes inside your property.