Some ways to celebrate mother’s day from a distance!

Just like every year, the special occasion of honoring our loving moms and expressing our gratitude towards them is arriving soon. This year all of us would be celebrating Mother’s Day on the 9th of May, that is, Sunday. Mother’s day falls on Sunday, and that makes it even more special to celebrate because Sunday is a holiday and is the perfect day for gathering everyone and celebrating our happiness with them. Unlike other events, Mother’s day is one such occasion when it is guaranteed that every member of the house would be there without having any work to be done. After all, Sunday is a fun day. But the twist in the plot could be that despite it being a Sunday, you might not be able to celebrate mother’s day with your mom

simply because you are not residing with your mom owing to your studies or job. Under such circumstances, you may choose to send Mothers day gifts to your mom who lives in a different city, yet you need not get disheartened because we are here to suggest some ways that can make it possible for you to celebrate mother’s day even while being away from your home.

     Send a handmade card to your mum. As a child, you must have made cards for your teachers or friends, also your mom, and just like your childhood, you can do it all over again. You can make a pretty handmade card and write a beautiful message inside it. You can decorate it and make it more special by pasting some photographs of you and your family on the card and send them to your mom on Mother’s day. She would definitely be happy to receive a surprise loaded with love on a special occasion like Mother’s Day.

     Send a video surprise to your mom

By sending a video surprise to your mum, what we mean is to follow the new trend of collecting photos or videos from your collections and merge it into a beautiful video that would take the onlooker somewhere down the memory lane and make them feel nostalgic and happy at the same time. You can add some background music to the video and send it on Whatsapp or email it to your mum right when the clock strikes 12. So that, the first thing which your mum looks at on the occasion of mother’s day is a lovely gift by her child. This video can be cherished by her all through her life.

     Shower lots of love on your mom

Right from our childhood, our mother has spoiled us with her love. She makes sure that we get everything that we want and takes care of our needs and comfort. So we can use the occasion of mother’s day as an opportunity to share our love with our mum to tell how much we adore her and reciprocate her love by giving her special Mother’s Day flowers along with a sweet note that tells her how thankful we are for having her.

     Watch a movie together

Just as you might do it on any other weekend or holiday, You can watch a movie together with your family on Mother’s Day too. You can get connected through a video call and stream the same movie together and can also exchange your remarks on the movie. You can laugh together and can have the feeling of staying connected to your mom and your siblings even while living in different cities.

     Talk to your mom for hours

Although you must be calling your mom once in a week or maybe after every 2-3 days and would be talking to her about your life and everything else, what special you can do on Mother’s Day is that instead of talking to her only for few minutes you can spend an entire hour or two and talk to your mum about everything or anything not necessarily about important events only.

So to sum it up, we can say that no matter how close or far we live from our families, love can always find a way to get expressed, and we can always ensure that we send our affection in the forms of gifts and best wishes to the ones whom we love. You can send Mother’s Day cake to your home and manage to celebrate the occasion regardless of the fact that you are not present with your family.