Socks With Sandals? A Fashion Guide to Sock Styles

In the age of self-expression, where it’s every man for himself, the fashion rules have been broken. One person dresses a little too casually and suddenly people think dressing that way is okay. It’s a slippery slope. The fashion world has taken notice of this “sockless” look and there have been plenty of critiques about how it’s not a good look. If you want to take the risk and go sockless, at least do so with the appropriate footwear and the right socks.


For those who don’t know – boots, sneakers and oxfords are all shoes that work best without socks. Ever since celebrities like Brad Pitt and Rihanna began wearing boots without socks, the trend has taken off. If you’re going to be bold and go sockless in boots or sneakers, make sure your feet are dry so they don’t get smelly, and try applying antiperspirant on your feet before putting on your shoes to reduce sweat. Going sockless is not for everyone; there are definitely some people who shouldn’t go sockless if you’re unsure, keep the socks on!

Loafers and Oxfords

Outside of boots and sneakers, wearing socks with loafers or oxfords is acceptable. If you’re going to wear socks with oxfords, make sure they don’t show when your pant leg covers the top of your shoe. Wearing bright-colored socks isn’t necessarily a fashion faux pas either; it can be used as an accent. If wearing socks is too much for you, try sporting a pair of no-show sock liners. The general rule is that ankle-length argyle socks are best for chukka boots and penny loafers while anything calf-length goes well with oxfords. In terms of the socks themselves, a pair of dress socks in a solid color goes best with loafers or oxfords whereas argyles look better when paired with chukkas.


Sandals, on the other hand, can be worn with almost anything, including socks. If you’re going to wear sandals or espadrilles without socks, it’s important that your feet aren’t stinky and you’ve applied antiperspirant beforehand. If you prefer to go sockless in sandals, ankle-length argyle socks are the best option. Paired with espadrilles, they add a preppy look to the outfit.

A Color Guide

In terms of colors, dark socks go well with darker colored shoes while lighter socks go well with lighter colored shoes. The general rule is that your sock should match your pants, but this isn’t set in stone. The main purpose of wearing socks with your shoes is to enhance the outfit so avoid matching them too much. If you’re not sure about the fit or color, stick to what you know. Classic options like black dress socks work well with almost every shoe and they go especially well with chukkas and oxfords. And remember – wearing socks with sandals has been a fashion faux pas for too long, so unless you’re going to a formal event, sockless is okay.

The rule of thumb is to dress appropriately for the occasion and the weather. If it’s cold outside, wear socks. If not, feel free to be a little rebellious by doing away with the sock game. However, if you do, make sure your feet are in good condition so that when people look at them they’re looking because they’re nice feet, not because they’re dirty.

In summary, it’s not that hard to stay fashionable during the summer months even if you want to go sockless. Make sure your feet are clean and dry, stay away from smelly shoes, keep the rest of your outfit classy so people don’t look twice at your toes, slather on some antiperspirant before putting on socks or sandals, and if you’re dead set on wearing sandals or boots, make sure your feet aren’t stinky. Keep these tips in mind and sockless should be a breeze! Keep this in mind when one buys socks online, happy socks for happy people!