Social Stigma Associated With Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery

The thing that most of us are often getting carried away can be both depressing and universal as we live in a people-friendly environment with lots of negative people around. While it will be worthy to make a passage for our minds to ignore such people and the associated environment, however, we must learn to make things possible that could change the way they think of us. It is a common occurrence and has found enough attention in the mental illness and it is kind of growing that has riddled psychologists when it comes to changes in physical appearance with plastic/cosmetic surgery. Yes, social stigma has defined and reshaped a lot since the ancient ages all over the world. Himmler and Goebbels used it against the Jews during the World War 2 while it was also used prior to that during the early ages of Christianity in the West when pagans were eradicated and African slavery was nurtured out in the context of both physical and mental inelegance.

Things took a dramatic turn when social stigma was yet again ignited with the introduction of plastic surgery in the modern world. Paralyzed and brutalized by the people surrounding them, a vast number of patients who had undergone plastic surgery had to recuperate not only physically but mentally too due to rising threats from social stigma associated with the plastic surgery. While it may be understood that sensibleness has lost its touch when we need to be far-sighted to embrace a new form of technology that can raise our self-confidence and self-esteem, plastic surgery was one such form that would bring colossal change in the social environment that would include family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, and co-workers too in the professional segment. The social stigma was a bad sign for this new kind of booming business and it was not only hampering the business but also people related to it like patients.

A prominent doctor in the field of plastic surgery went to an the extent to say that “Get rid of the social stigma that’s often attached to Plastic Surgery– What Other People Think Is None of Your Business– Women, Unite!” It is indeed a matter of great concern when people undergoing cosmetic surgery had to edge past the social stigma.

Another expert says that “more people will reach cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic medicine, and aesthetic surgery to enhance their looks. The democratization of these interventions will probably increase further, to the point where these treatments will be considered as a part of normal maintenance.” It has become a new norm and routine treatment. And would be it right to still associate such procedures with social stigma? Something time will tell.

Is the social stigma associated with plastic surgery ever going to end?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported a rise of over 110% in the overall number of plastic and cosmetic surgery over the last 3 years, with more than 20 million cases of both surgical and non-surgical practices performed over every year and there is an the exponential increase in the industry. Breast lifting procedures are up by over 85% while the top 5 most-commonly performed procedures were breast augmentation, tummy tucking, body contouring, rhinoplasty, and the eyelid surgery.

While the US is the number 1 performer of plastic surgery followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific, the facts of hiding any form of plastic surgery or its related scars can’t remain hidden mostly in the western sphere as more people are coming out of the closet to discuss and debate on the same. However, in the developing region, it is still considered as taboo to openly make arrangements for plastic/cosmetic surgery. On one hand, the rising number of procedures suggests that the social stigma associated with plastic surgery is fading rapidly and on the other hand, it is relatively still scary to go under the knife to bring attractive changes to the body citing impact from peers, family members, relatives, co-workers, etc. One must also ascertain the fact that with a growing presence in the social media platforms, social stigma coming out of plastic surgery will surely not going to survive long and people tend to change with time. Read more about the worldwide stats and trends in Plastic Surgery