Sexy lingerie in India and other Sassy tips for your Special Nights!

The hectic schedules, work related stress and personal responsibilities have definitely taken a toll on many couples’ bedroom life and negatively ramified their physical intimacy. In this article, I have summed up some simple things that can help you set the game right.

Here is a list of few tips that will help you bring back the air of romance in your no so happening bedroom life.

Night dress women sexy

Sexy lingerie is not only an ice-breaker between new couples but also a breath of sensuousness between the old ones. As our relationship gets old, both men and women start taking love, romance and efforts for granted. This is where all the problems start. Slipping into a sexy nightwear once in a while will not only treat his eyes but will also make you feel sexy and confident.


Remember how romantic candlelight dinners were a go-to when you were newly in love with each other. Bring that newness again in your room! You can light some beautiful aromatic candles and instantly make your room an epitome of romance. Try this for any of your special nights and see how these little twinkling lights increase the oomph factor.

Shun Stinky Night Care Routines

A major reason for the plunge in your sex life can be either of yours stinky and unpleasant night skincare or haircare routines. I understand, as you cross your thirties prudent skincare and haircare night time routines become a crucial part of everyone’s life. However, if any of the products that you use involve unpleasant smell or are extremely oily, you need to find an alternative for these. It’s pretty obvious why your partner does not want to come closer to you!

A final tip, while looking for a sexy nightwear or any night dress for women cotton combo, consider the fit and fabric a priority!

Paint It Red

As this is the month of Valentine’s, there is love in the air and which colour symbolizes love better than red? This month, most of the lingerie stores both online and offline have come up with a range of sexy nightwear pieces designed in shades of red to celebrate the Season of Love! These stores are also offering heavy discounts and offers and that is a reason enough to go shop now!

Quirky Nudes

The pastel colour palette has been ruling the market no matter what you ought to buy. However, the lingerie industry is slowly moving away from the pastel hype and gravitating towards sexy nudes. Though pastels are still vividly present in the lingerie stores, but nude tones are now stealing the limelight. A number of night dress for women combo pack are available in stunning nude shades and a good number of women are falling for them.

Sexy Cotton


As winter is in its last phase in most of the parts of the country, the lingerie industry is gearing up to welcome the summers. A plethora of lingerie brands have already released a range of sexy cotton nighty for women which you can bookmark for your summer lingerie shopping spree.